How to Eat Cheap in Zurich

Zurich university canteen prices

Find out how you can eat quality food cheap in Zurich. Follow our practical tips to save on meals in Switzerland.

Oerlikon Market

Oerlikon market

Oerlikon Market is an open air farmers market open every Wednesday and Saturday from 6 AM to 11 AM. Tips and location.

Max Chocolatier Zurich

Max chocolatier Zurich

Max Chocolatier is a small speciality chocolate and bonbon shop at the heart of Zurich. If you want to experience real Swiss chocolate at its best, you must visit this place.

What to Do in Zurich for 2 Days

Grossmunster Zurich

Wondering what to do in Zurich for 2 days? Here are our 15 fun tips to enjoy the city, its vibe, and also have fun and some cheap food.

Zurich Polybahn

Zürich Polybahn

The Zurich Polybahn is a little funicular in the center of Zurich. How to get there, tickets and fares, and what to do at the top.