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“Mermaid” Soup- My Version

The craving for my mother’s tinolang isda (fish soup) got the best of me one day but I’m so far from home and there were no side-walk restaurants and eateries anywhere where comfort foods like this are available. This is one of those times where...


Biko de kolores

I found this flashy, colorful delicacy at the Vietnamese section of an Asian store and decided to try their version of their biko. I call it biko de kolores obviously because of its flashing colors. It’s hard to miss them and the colors are screaming...


Fried rice quickie

  Once upon a few minutes ago, I had a pot of cooked brown rice. I know brown rice has many health benefits over white rice and it has more fiber and antioxidants, more vitamins and minerals and it is the healthier option but I...


Over a hot bowl of Bulalo

Bulalô is beef shank soup that is a very popular food in the Philippines. This stew is made by boiling beef shanks and marrow bones for hours until the fat melts into the clear broth and produces a light colored soup that is made more...


Puto Kutsinta

We spell it “kutsinta,” “kuchinta” or “cuchinta.” However you spell it, it still refers to the same member of the Filipino kakanin family. Kutsinta is steamed rice cake with a chewy, sticky, jelly-like consistency, a favorite all around snack or merienda among the list of...


Yummy, chewy butchi balls

The more we tried to explain, the more confused she became. My friend finally asked for pen and paper and drew balls with sesame seeds all around then showed it to her. The waitress’ face lighted up and she said “Oh, sesame balls. Yes.” Sink...


Feasting on Kelaguen

Who is not familiar with the word “kelaguen”? As one of the signature dishes of Chamorro cuisine, you see the word on menus and menu boards in a lot of restaurants in the CNMI. Kelaguen is grilled and chopped chicken, fish, beef, shrimp or other...


Pandan-wrapped fried chicken

ONE of the best versions of fried chicken I’ve tried and still can’t stop longing for it every now and then is the fried chicken slices carefully wrapped in packets of pandan leaves. The first time I had it was at an open restaurant at...


Loco Moco

Loco Moco is a classic dish in the Hawaiian cuisine. It is a favorite quick meal option served in most restaurants and fast food diners in the Micronesian Islands. The traditional loco moco dish is a “sloppy yet delicious” pile of white rice topped with...