How to Get to Lindt Chocolate Factory Zurich

The Lindt Chocolate Factory, Home of Chocolate, is a very popular tourist attraction in Zurich. It’s good to know though that it is actually not located in the city of Zurich, but in a small town nearby, called Kilchberg. We have a detailed review of the venue on this website, but let’s see how to actually get to the Lind Chocolate Factory Zurich.

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Lindt home of chocolate giant fountain

How to Get to Lindt Chocolate Factory Zurich by Train

By far the most popular and easiest method to get to the Chocolate Factory from Zurich is by train. Here is how to get there.

Zurich HB to Lindt Chocolate Factory

Take the S8 or S13 trains at Zurich main station (Hauptbahnhof or Zurich HB), and gett off at Kilchberg station.

Head to the South on Bahnhofstrasse, just following the tracks. Continue slightly right on Bungertstrasse, which is a narrow street and runs right besides the tracks. You will go under a bridge, then after 1-2 minutes the street turns to the left. There you will see the brick walls of the Lindt & Sprüngli Chocolate Factory at your right hand side.

Lindt chocolate factory from the outside

Public transit tickets / fares

The Lindt chocolate factory is actually located outside Zurich city limits. This is important to note because if you are coming here by public transport, you also need to buy a ticket for zone 150. Zurich is zone 110, accounting for 2 zones. So you actually need a ticket or a pass valid for 3 zones, 110 and 150.

The most convenient and actually cheapest way is to buy a 3 zone 24 hour Zurich ticket so you can visit the chocolate factory and also travel for free for 24 hours in Zurich. Please click on the link to find out how to buy this type of ticket.

You can also buy a single ticket at Zurich Main station or at any kiosk on the Zurich public transit network. Be aware thought that you’ll pay the exact same amount for a return ticket that you would for a 24 hour pass.

A single ticket costs CHF 6.80 and is valid for only 1 hour. So in order to get back to Zurich, you’ll need to buy another single ticket and the two will add up to 13.60. And that’s just the exact price of a 24 hour Zurich ticket for 3 zones. So why wouldn’t you buy the 24 hour option and enjoy free public transportation for a day?

Please note that all prices are valid as of the publication of this article, October 2023.

How to Get to Lindt Chocolate Factory Zurich by Bus

Another public transit option is to take a bus from right the city center of Zurich all the way up to the Home of Chocolate factory. It’s a fast and direct bus, you won’t need to change.

Take bus line 165 at Zurich Bürkiplatz (where the lake meets with the Limmat river), and get off at Lindt & Sprüngli stop. The bus stop literally has the name of the factory, so you just go 20-30 meters back, and you’ll see the white chocolate factory building.

As far as ticket prices and options, everything works the same way as written above for the train.

Bus 165 at Lindt factory

How to Get to Lindt Chocolate Factory Zurich by Car

If you come by car, you can either take national road number 3 from Zurich or motorway number 3 from Zurich or from the south. The Lindt Chocolate factory is right on the main road.

On the motorway, take exit 34 to Thalwil. Follow the main road (Zürhcerstrasse) to Thalwil. Then, just after passing under a pedestrian overpass, take a left turn at the big intersection with the pedestrian underpass on to Sonnenbergstrasse.

At a roundabout this becomes Alte Landstrasse, but just continue straight. At the T intersection turn to the right onto Niedelbadstrasse. After passing over the rail tracks, at another T intersection turn to the left on to national road number 3.

You will soon see the Lindt sign on a building at your left hand side. Just continue straight for a couple hundred meters more and a parking garage will be at your left where you can leave your car.

Coming from the North from Zurich on road number 3, you will see the parking garage at your right hand side in Kilchberg.

Lindt Chocolate Factory Map

Schokoladenplatz 1, 8802 Kilchberg, Switzerland

Congrats, You’ve Arrived!

Congratulations! Whichever mode of transportation you’ve chosen, you’ve just arrived to the Lindt Chocolate Factory.

You can even see the Schokoladenplatz 1 sign on the wall, which literally means #1 Chocolate Square. So you know you are in the right place.

Lindt factory Schocoladenplatz 1
Lindt Home of Chocolate Building