Sugar & Candy Szeged, Our Savior

After a disastrous food tour on a sunny Sunday afternoon in Szeged, we accidentally bumped into Sugar & Candy Dessert Shop. We had already had such a bad experience at Classic Grill and Virag that day, that we just longed for finding some good quality pastries here finally. And we did.

To tell you the truth, after those two places we were not hungry at all, so only tried one pastry at Sugar & Candy. But their mini raspberry Pavlova was so yummy, that I wanted to write this review anyways.

First, because they deserve it. Second, because after so many disappointments, I wanted to write about something positive in Szeged eventually.

First Impression

Although the place is pretty small and felt jam packed especially at the counter, it had a nice vibe even from the outside. It looked like everyone that we had been missing on the square at Virag confectionery came to this street on this bright Sunday afternoon. Not only Sugar & Candy, but all the other restaurants and pastry shops were full around the corner.

Once we entered the shop, their products seemed pretty inviting, something that you would expect from a confectionery in the 21st century. I definitely plan to come back here next time we visit Szeged and try some of their other delicacies.

Fabulous Mini Pavlova

Sugar and Candy raspberry Pavlova

As I wrote earlier, we were literally full when we got here. So it was only the cosiness of this dessert shop that we couldn’t resist to come in and try at least one of their pastries.

Our choice this time was the mini Pavlova that we shared among the 3 of us. Really just for the feeling, you get it. This was simply fabulous in itself, and not only because we had had such a bad experience in those other two places earlier. It gave us back the faith that you can find good food in Szeged. In some way it was our savior of an otherwise disastrous Sunday food tour.

Oh, and I almost forgot about the Pavlova. It was just the way it should be. The merengue pleasantly crunchy on the outside, yet soft and fluffy and pillowy, and just to the extent it had to be, chewy on the inside. The light whipped cream, the tart raspberry coulis and the fresh raspberries on top made a complete balance with the sweet tone of the merengue base. It was really a delight to bite into this piece of beauty.

Pavlova closeup Sugar and Candy

Where Is Sugar & Candy Located in Szeged

Use this interactive map to find Sugar & Candy in the heart of the city.

Szeged, Oskola u. 27, 6720 Hungary