Liechtensteinhaus Semmering

Liechtensteinhaus is a restaurant, Hütte, at the top of the Semmering ski resort. I can definitely recommend you to try it when skiing or tobogganing at Semmering.

The restaurant is located at the top of the ski resort, right at the mountain station of the ski lift. Whether you come here for a hot tea, mulled wine, or a complete lunch with traditional Austrian dishes, this will be a delight of your day.

The elevation of the restaurant is 1317 meters or 4321 feet above sea level.

Am Hirschenkogel 1, 2680 Semmering, Austria

Food at Liechtensteinhaus Semmering

A Hütte, Hut in English, is a traditional Austrian mountain restaurant. You can find them at virtually every ski resort, and anyone who’s ever skied in Austria must have tried some food and hot beverage at a Hütte.

We tried two classics, Wiener Schnitzel and Dumpfknödel.

Wiener schnitzel is of course a very famous Austrian dish, and this is definitely one of the restaurants where you should try it. Not because it is best prepared here. This is no Michelin star restaurant, don’t expect the schnitzel of your life. It is very delicious though, and it’s an exceptional experience to eat an amazing schnitzel at 1300 m or 4300 feet above the sea.

Liechtensteinhaus Wiener schnitzel

Dampfknödel or Dampfnudel is an Austrian-German speciality. The name literally means steam dumpling. This picture is not the most amazing, but imagine a giant steamed dumpling filled with jam and covered with icing sugar and poppy seed. I would say it’s an ideal treat in the cold winter during sledge rides.

Liechtensteinhaus Dampfknödel

With Kids or For Adults

Liechtensteinhaus Semmering is a great place to come whether you are here with kids or just in a group of adults.

It is so popular though that expect a 10-15 minute wait in line before being served, especially on weekends and school holidays.

You can leave your ski or sledge outside the restaurant, as seen on the picture.

Liechtensteinhaus and skilift at Semmering