Semmering Toboggan Adventures, All You Need to Know

The Semmering ski resort in Austria is an excellent place for a great toboggan run or downhill sledding or sleighing. Whether you come with kids, family, friends, or your most important one, there is everything you need to enjoy a beautiful winter day. Let’s see all the information you need for a fantastic Semmering toboggan experience.

Semmering Toboggan Prices

In order to use the Semmering toboggan run, you need to buy a ski pass with some additional costs.

  • Ski pass allows you to use the ski lifts, see prices below.
  • There is a 3 Euro deposit for the ski lift ticket per person. Don’t forget to bring your plastic card back after your toboggan session to get back the 3 Euros in cash.
  • Toboggan rent is an additional 9 Euro per sledge, see detailed information below.

Semmering Ski Lift Prices

Type of Ticket and ValidityAdultsChildren (6-14)Juniors (15-17)
Seniors (60+)
Afternoon ticket (12PM – 4PM)EUR 39.00EUR 19.00EUR 37.00
Morning ticket (9AM – 1PM)EUR 38.00EUR 18.00EUR 35.50
Daily ticket (9AM – 4PM)EUR 49.00EUR 24.50EUR 44.00
Night ticket (6PM – 9PM)EUR 42.00EUR 22.00EUR 38.00

Please note that daily tickets are only valid for daylight tobogganing. If you plan to use the toboggan run during the night with the floodlights, you need to buy a separate night ticket.

You can reserve your tickets online, but I find you need to wait in line anyways to pick them up. Expect a 5-15 minute waiting in line for buying or picking up the tickets. Staff at the cashier desk speak English.

Semmering ski resort ticket cashier

Semmering Toboggan Experience

Semmering toboggan run is a fun ride that you can enjoy as an adult, but it’s also ideal for kids. I wouldn’t say a specific age limit, but the slopes are gentle enough for an 8 year old to have fun even alone, but also for adults to enjoy it.

You need to take the main ski lift to the top and then follow the Rodelbahn (Toboggan Run) sign on the right hand side. At the first couple of meters you ride along with the skiers, but once you enter the Rodelbahn, it’s only people with sledges.

Also make sure to enjoy the view from the top of the hill before you start your downhill ride.

Semmering view

Along the way, just after the tunnel below the ski slopes, you can find a small local restaurant called Enzianhütte. A hütte is basically a hut in German, a general term for mountain restaurant in ski resorts. Don’t miss out on trying a hot tee or a yummy local dish here during one of your downhill rides.

Enzianhütte Semmering

How To Get Here

The Semmering toboggan run is located only 95 km or 60 miles from Vienna. You can easily come here by car or train. Don’t worry if you plan to use transit, you can rent sledges at the location.

Carolusstraße 3, 2680 Semmering-Kurort, Austria

Bundesstraße 2, 2680 Steinhaus am Semmering, Austria

2680 Semmering, Austria

By Car

From Vienna or many other locations, take motorway A2 and than S6 at the Seebenstein interchange. Take the Semmering exit and just follow the road signs.

You can always find a free parking place at Semmering Parking on Bundesstrasse. That’s a 5 minute walk from the toboggan run, check out the map above.

From Vienna, it is around 1 hour and 10-20 minutes to get here by car.

By Train

Take the train from Vienna or Graz to Semmering. Check out the ÖBB official website for schedule. Train ride time from Vienna is 1 hour and 15 minutes for direct trains.

Extra benefit: You’ll have a chance to ride the world heritage Semmeringbahn (Semmering Railway) personally.

From the train station, you need to walk uphill to the Semmering Hirschenkogel ski resort. That’s a 20-25 minute walk. Check out our map above for details.

Train at Semmering Train Station

Toboggan Renting

You can easily rent toboggans, or better said sledges, at the Semmering ski resort.

I would say it is even recommended. Here are a couple of reasons why you shouldn’t bring your own sledge:

  • The ones being rented here are in very good condition.
  • We found that they are much better suited for the slopes here that any sledge you might have at home.
  • There are plenty of sledges here, even with an extremely large crowd we could easily rent out 4.

So don’t bother bringing your own sledges, just mention it at the cashier desk that you want to rent one and you’ll be good to go.

Authentic Austrian Food At Liechtensteinhaus

At the top of the hill, just after leaving the ski lift, there is a large restaurant called Liechtensteinhaus (Liechtenstein House). This is also a great opportunity to have some wonderful food while tobogganing, and also to experience authentic Austrian food.

Liechtensteinhaus Semmering

We tried two classics, Wiener Schnitzel and Dumpfknödel.

I don’t think I need to introduce the first one, it is an exceptional experience though to eat an amazing schnitzel at 1300 m or 4300 feet above the sea.

Dampfknödel or Dampfnudel is an Austrian-German speciality. This picture is not the most amazing, but imagine a giant steamed dumpling filled with jam and covered with icing sugar and poppy seed. I would say it’s an ideal treat in the cold winter during sledge rides.

Liechtensteinhaus Semmering. Wiener schnitzel and dampfknödel.

Have fun and enjoy the food at Semmering!