Figls Grinzing, an Excellent Alternative to Figlmüller in Vienna

Figls restaurant in Grinzing is not only an excellent alternative to the overhyped downtown schnitzel place, Figlmüller, but it is actually owned and operated by the same company.

If you want to have an excellent authentic Schnitzel experience in Vienna in a cosy place far from the crowd of tourists, visit Figls in Grinzing.

Food First

Let me start with the food. Not only because it is exceptional at Figls Grinzing. But also because I really want to emphasize that this restaurant is a great alternative to Figlmüller, what many consider the best schnitzel place in Vienna.

Food at Figls

We came here right before Christmas, so other than the two obvious traditional Austrian dishes, we had to try some special offers from their winter menu.

Their Wienerschnitzel is just amazing. Somewhat different from the one at Figlmüller, as it’s not an extremely large, round schnitzel covering a whole plate. But in a way more traditional as you would never get that kind of round shape in an Austrian home anyways. It is such a big portion though that no wonder most people leave Figls with a nicely packed goodie bag of the leftovers.

Figls Grinzing Wienerschnitzel

Crunchy on the outside, succulently tender on the inside. Just the way an original schnitzel in Vienna should be. Squeeze the lemon over the meat and enjoy it with the authentic Austrian potato salad that it comes with. And which, by the way, was one of the best we’ve ever tasted.

The Deer ragout with Schupfnudeln, glazed pears and lingonberry jam was a smaller portion, but an excellent choice and enough to feed one. This is unfortunately only part of their Christmas menu, you can’t taste it all year around. Moist, juicy, delicious meat with an extremely yummy sauce. The Schupfnudeln, an Austrian specialty, go very well with the ragout. These are two inch long, round pasta, somewhat resembling to gnocchi, but much firmer and sauteed before serving. The tangy lingonberry jam makes this dish a whole. An unforgettable taste experience, really.

Figls Grinzing deer ragout


First we had to try the queen of Austrian desserts, Kaiserschmarrn. These are just excellent here, served the traditional way, with apple sauce and plum preserve.

Figls Grinzing Kaiserschmarrn

The other one was again from their Christmas menu, Vanillekipferl with eggnog cream and cinnamon ice cream. The cake itself was very moist and kind of walnut flavored, and again, it was a complete dish with luscious vanilla sauce and the yummy cinnamon ice cream.

Figls Grinzing Vanillekipferl

Figls Grinzing Ambiance

Figls Grinzing is traditional and modern at the same time. It is located in Grinzing, a charming wine producing district of Vienna. Yes, you can still see actual vineyards in this neighbourhood, along with 18th century houses. And it is located within city limits, conveniently accessible with a tramline from downtown.

Most of the restaurant is very bright, with a glass covered roof that makes you feel like you are half inside but half outside. Copper and grey painted wood finish make it feel very cozy yet modern, and also an upscale place for dining.

They also serve 6 types of freshly draught beer, including Null Komma Josef, the most famous Austrian non-alcoholic beer. This is important to me as I love beer, especially tap beer, but rarely drink it because of the alcohol content. To find draught non-alcoholic beer is definitely a rare gem and adds to the ambiance of this place.

Figls Vienna beer tap

I Loved Their Process of Reservation

Reserving a table at Figls Grinzing was a nice experience. Nothing special, just the process it should work at every restaurant, with a kind twist at the end.

You can select the date, the hour, and the number of persons at their website. You can even do this in several languages. The only thing this reservation process is not capable of is to select the actual table you want to be seated at. We got a table in the open area below the glass roof, I would say the best place, but only by chance. If you want a specific table, you need to contact them by phone or email.

Figls Vienna interior 2

Anyways, what I loved the most is that they contacted me a couple of days before our stay by text message to confirm my reservation. This is not only convenient for them to secure the reservation, but it’s also a nice affirmation for you that they did not forget about you.

Why Figls Grinzing Is a Good Alternative To Figlmuller

FIgls Grinzing is operated by the same company as Figlmüller. You have the same original Wienerschnitzel experience without the hassle of waiting in line for an hour or having to make a reservation one month ahead.

The Girnzing setting is also very welcoming. You can get here in 30 minutes from downtown and have a charming experience in this historic neighbourhood of Vienna that not many tourists enjoy.

The ambiance of the restaurant is much more welcoming than that of Figlmüller. Traditional and modern vibes mix together to provide an excellent Vienna restaurant experience.

Where Is Figls In Grinzing Located

Grinzing is a charming neighbourhood of Vienna, North of the city center. It is convenient to come here either by car or tram line 38 directly from downtown.

If you come by car, you can usually park near the restaurant. Parking in this neighbourhood is free. When using the tram, you need to walk 5 minutes from the terminus.

Reservation is recommended, you can do that easily on their website.

Grinzinger Str. 55, 1190 Wien, Austria