Thailand, Vietnam

Pandan-wrapped fried chicken

ONE of the best versions of fried chicken I’ve tried and still can’t stop longing for it every now and then is the fried chicken slices carefully wrapped in packets of pandan leaves. The first time I had it was at an open restaurant at the Old Sukhothai City in northern Thailand. My travel buddy Rolly introduced me to it and the menus listed it as Chicken wrapped in Pandanus Leaf. It was served to…

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Loco Moco

Loco Moco is a classic dish in the Hawaiian cuisine. It is a favorite quick meal option served in most restaurants and fast food diners in the Micronesian Islands. The traditional loco moco dish is a “sloppy yet delicious” pile of white rice topped with a hamburger patty, brown gravy, and a fried egg on top. Some add pasta salad to the mix. Each restaurant has its own variation in how they serve loco moco…

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Street Food, Vietnam

Saigon hot soup bowls

If there is one thing that is so widely popular and readily available at restaurants all over Vietnam to satisfy hungry stomachs, turn your attention to the Pho, or those hot bowls of noodle soup or Vietnamese soup. Pho is a very common word in the Vietnamese culinary language. You can grab a hot bowl from the most prestigious restaurants all the way down to the open air, street side food stalls and even food…

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Street Food, Thailand

Taste of Thai Roti

  Roti, a paper-thin wheat flour pan-fried bread prepared in roadside food stalls is a very common site everywhere in Thailand. I call it the Thailand pancake because Roti is so similar to a regular pancake or tortillas fried in margarine. Roti is served as a snack and topped with sliced ripe bananas, sweetened condensed milk, white sugar and sometimes dashes of chocolate. I’ve watched street food vendors in Chiang Mai expertly prepare and flip the…

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Philippines, Street Food

Isaw barbeque, anyone?

Isaw is one of the most popular street foods in the Philippines. If you are not popular with the term, it is the intestines of a pig or chicken turned inside out, cleaned and cleaned again and again, boiled then grilled on sticks over hot live coals. It is very popularly sold on the street sides and roadsides across from school campuses and most especially during late in the afternoon and into the night. Isaw…

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Philippines, Street Food

Kwek-kwek on the quick

It's called· Kwek kwek or Orange eggs tempura-like street food. A Kwek-Kwek is boiled quail eggs coated with an orange batter and deep-fried until the batter is crispy. It's also called tokneneng, where chicken eggs are used. In the southern part of the Philippines it is called Kwek-Kwek although chicken eggs are used. Kwek-Kwek is sold in the streets in the Philippines especially late in the afternoon and in the evenings. A very popular snack and…

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China, Native delicacies, Philippines

Ahh those (siopao) buns

One of the tempting displays at any shelf in a fastfood or restaurant that always catches my attention are those white steamed, meat-filled buns which is a popular food item in the Philippine and Chinese culture. These are called siopao. Siopao literally means "steamed bun" and it the Philippine version of the Cantonese steamed bun called cha siu bao. Siopao is sold in the streets in the Philippines, as well as in restaurants. Siopao, also…

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Desserts, Exotic Food, Philippines

Crocodile ice cream

After months of seeing photos and reading about the crocodile ice cream from local, national and international publications, I finally had the chance to try this classic dessert with a unique (spelled scary) dessert a while back at the Crocodile Park, one of the most popular attractions in Davao City. I was looking forward to try this crocodile ice cream whose popularity has already spread far and wide, but when I saw the photo of…

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Quick affair with Indian food

The waiter laid out this round tray on my table, and I just stared at the hodge-podge of selections despite the hunger that already numbed my senses. It’s the result of just pointing to the first item that seemed attractive from the menu. I learned that hunger makes you cross-eyed and I only realized I ordered total “strangers” when the waiter set it on our table. By strangers, I ordered the Tamilnadu meals for 225…

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Rice coffee hitch at the airport

 I come from a non-coffee drinking family but when I got out of the nest, coffee kicked its way into my life and decided to stay. I’m not really a big time coffee addict because I can go for days without, and I’m easy to please. Give me a 3-in-1 instant coffee (San Miguel please :-D)  and I’m good to go. Instant coffee is so convenient, although I splurge on my favorite Caramel Macchiato from…

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