Kussmaul Restaurant Vienna

We found Kussmaul in the heart of Vienna actually by chance, when looking for a great schnitzel restaurant in the city. But not only were we happy with everything we experienced here, but we’ve been served the best Wienerschnitzel that we’d ever had.

If you are in Vienna, and looking for a contemporary place with great local and international cuisine, Kussmaul is the place that you have to visit.

First Feelings

The place is very welcoming from the get go. It’s a modern restaurant with contemporary decoration and ambience, but you still feel very cosi when entering.

Our waiters were extremely helpful, they showed us the restaurant and offered us to seat wherever we wanted.

Kussmaul restaurant inside 1

The menu is more on the traditional side though, the only thing making it modern is that it mixes traditional Austrian and international food, something very characteristic of our era.

Our Best Wienerschnitzel Experience

We obviously had to try their Wienerschnitzel, that’s what we had planned for when we came here.

One of us ordered the plain version, just the schnitzel, and the other one ordered it with the traditional Austrian potato salad. This last choice was not the smartest, but more on that later.

Best schnitzel in Vienna

The meat was heavenly, we can say that it was our best Wienerschnitzel experience ever.

It was extremely tender and the coating super crunchy. Just the way a perfect schnitzel should be. The meat itself was a bit thicker than what you get in most places, but it was prepared in such a perfect way that you didn’t feel the meat flavor overwhelming at all. On the contrary, this just made our original Vienna schnitzel experience even more sophisticated.

Just a few thoughts about the “potato-green-salad” that was the side dish for one of our schnitzels. This was very good, but the “green” part simply meant that it was half Austrian potato salad and half mixed green salad, mainly arugula. As this version was 6 Euros more than the plain one, we would have gotten better off ordering the plain version with just the potato salad. It is the traditional way of serving Wienerschnitzel after all.

A Good Wine Recommendation With The Schnitzel

Our waiter was extremely helpful and polite during all of our visit. Always looking at us, asking whether we wanted anything else and asking about how we liked our food.

But one of the best things he did is offer us an excellent wine.

Remushof Jagschitz Green Veltliner Burgerland

I wouldn’t say that it would be easy for me to select the best wine for a schnitzel, let alone in a foreign country. So we asked our waiter for a recommendation, and he came up with a Green Veltliner, being a typical Austrian wine. A Remushof Jagschitz from Burgerland was an excellent choice and if it wasn’t a local wine, I would say this is the one you should drink with a good Wienerschnitzel, wherever you are in the world.

Kussmaul Restaurant Vienna: Recommended

Anyways, we had a very good schnitzel experience and a fun night.

If you are looking for a great place in Vienna to enjoy the original Wienerschnitzel or just any other traditional Austrian food, we can honestly recommend you Kussmaul in the heart of the city for an exceptional experience.

Kussmaul Wienerschnitzel

Where Is Kussmaul Restaurant Located in Vienna?

Kussmaul Restaurant is located in the very heart of Vienna, in the Inner City (Innere Stadt), just two blocks from St. Stephen’s Cathedral (Stephansdom) and Stephansplatz subway station.

Bäckerstraße 5, 1010 Wien, Austria