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Puto Kutsinta

We spell it “kutsinta,” “kuchinta” or “cuchinta.” However you spell it, it still refers to the same member of the Filipino kakanin family. Kutsinta is steamed rice cake with a chewy, sticky, jelly-like consistency, a favorite all around snack or merienda among the list of kakanin or native delicacies in the Philippines. It is frequently paired off with puto, or white steamed rice cake. Its main ingredients are...


Yummy, chewy butchi balls

The more we tried to explain, the more confused she became. My friend finally asked for pen and paper and drew balls with sesame seeds all around then showed it to her. The waitress’ face lighted up and she said “Oh, sesame balls. Yes.” Sink your teeth into one of my all-time Chinese delectable treats—those crunchy-on-the-outside but soft-in-the-inside dough balls called buchi, or sesame balls. Sesame rice balls...


Pandan-wrapped fried chicken

ONE of the best versions of fried chicken I’ve tried and still can’t stop longing for it every now and then is the fried chicken slices carefully wrapped in packets of pandan leaves. The first time I had it was at an open restaurant at the Old Sukhothai City in northern Thailand. My travel buddy Rolly introduced me to it and the menus listed it as Chicken wrapped...


Isaw barbeque, anyone?

Isaw is one of the most popular street foods in the Philippines. If you are not popular with the term, it is the intestines of a pig or chicken turned inside out, cleaned and cleaned again and again, boiled then grilled on sticks over hot live coals. It is very popularly sold on the street sides and roadsides across from school campuses and most especially during late in...


Mango sweet sticky rice

IT was not a case of love at first bite for me with this street food delicacy called Kow Neuw Ma Muang, or mango on sticky rice, but when I finally tried it, I wished I tried it earlier. This dessert is a serving of steamed sticky rice topped with slices of ripe mangoes, doused with hot coconut milk and others sprinkle toasted sesame seeds on top for...



Ginanggang na saging, guinanggang, or ginang-gang is one of my “most favoritiest” street food in the universe. It is a banana in a bamboo stick grilled over medium hot coals.  This is a snack of my childhood years whenever somebody in the neighborhood installs a portable grill and the smell of ginanggang wafts into the houses. The next day, another neighbor will do the same, and yet another...


Turon: An unbeatable island favorite

THEY come in different lengths, diameters and different variations. They are being prepared by experts and amateurs, but whatever way they are prepared, they satisfy the sweet cravings of a big number of the population. Turon is sliced  bananas with strips of jackfruit, wrapped in spring roll wrapper, dipped in brown sugar then fried. it is one of the bestselling favorites on island. Also called banana fritters, this...


Squid it at the Garapan street market

Saipan–If there is one food item that gets the biggest share of attention from tourists and even locals at the Garapan street market on Thursdays, it is at the barbecue stall where guests can order squid and have it grilled with all the ‘fire exhibits.’


Balut: A taste of the exotic

BEFORE you tap its pointy shell and make a small crack to sip the broth, make sure you have a pinch of salt and spicy vinegar before you make the “final attack.” I’m talking about the “balut,” a famous delicacy in the Philippines  that would send a lot of people from other parts of the world scurrying away in disgust. Balut, which is sold in streets in the...