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Over a hot bowl of Bulalo

Bulalô is beef shank soup that is a very popular food in the Philippines. This stew is made by boiling beef shanks and marrow bones for hours until the fat melts into the clear broth and produces a light colored soup that is made more flavorful by various seasonings. Vegetables add to the flavor and color to the soup. Popular vegetables that go with bulalo are include corn,...


Chicken feet delights

      I grew up thinking that everybody in the world eats chicken feet, or I guess I just haven’t met anyone who shudders in disgust looking at a plate of steamed or chicken feet adobo, that is until I came to Saipan six years ago. A new American friend invited me for lunch and we went to this hole-in-the-wall Chinese restaurant in Garapan. I saw chicken...


Balut: A taste of the exotic

BEFORE you tap its pointy shell and make a small crack to sip the broth, make sure you have a pinch of salt and spicy vinegar before you make the “final attack.” I’m talking about the “balut,” a famous delicacy in the Philippines  that would send a lot of people from other parts of the world scurrying away in disgust. Balut, which is sold in streets in the...