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Biko de kolores

I found this flashy, colorful delicacy at the Vietnamese section of an Asian store and decided to try their version of their biko. I call it biko de kolores obviously because of its flashing colors. It’s hard to miss them and the colors are screaming “pick me up” from the shelves. There’s nothing extra ordinary about the biko de kolores. It tastes like the regular biko, sticky and...


Puto Kutsinta

We spell it “kutsinta,” “kuchinta” or “cuchinta.” However you spell it, it still refers to the same member of the Filipino kakanin family. Kutsinta is steamed rice cake with a chewy, sticky, jelly-like consistency, a favorite all around snack or merienda among the list of kakanin or native delicacies in the Philippines. It is frequently paired off with puto, or white steamed rice cake. Its main ingredients are...