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Taste of Thai Roti

  Roti, a paper-thin wheat flour pan-fried bread prepared in roadside food stalls is a very common site everywhere in Thailand. I call it the Thailand pancake because Roti is so similar to a regular pancake or tortillas fried in margarine. Roti is served as a snack and topped with sliced ripe bananas, sweetened condensed milk, white sugar and sometimes dashes of chocolate. I’ve watched street food vendors in...


Kwek-kwek on the quick

It’s called· Kwek kwek or Orange eggs tempura-like street food. A Kwek-Kwek is boiled quail eggs coated with an orange batter and deep-fried until the batter is crispy. It’s also called tokneneng, where chicken eggs are used. In the southern part of the Philippines it is called Kwek-Kwek although chicken eggs are used. Kwek-Kwek is sold in the streets in the Philippines especially late in the afternoon and in...


Crocodile ice cream

After months of seeing photos and reading about the crocodile ice cream from local, national and international publications, I finally had the chance to try this classic dessert with a unique (spelled scary) dessert a while back at the Crocodile Park, one of the most popular attractions in Davao City. I was looking forward to try this crocodile ice cream whose popularity has already spread far and wide,...