Poke’ sashimi at the Bottom Time grill

A fish is a fish is a fish. Right and wrong. Fish, prepared in a thousand and one different ways is still fish but prepared and served in different flavors and dippings satisfy your taste buds in different ways. It was past 9 p.m. and I was relaxing in the cozy atmosphere of the Bottom Time Bar & Grill, chatting with Sam’s Tours owner Sam Scott and wife Martul, manager Dermot Keane, Palau Shop owner…

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Sumptuous buffet at Pinoy restaurant

If there’s one place to go where your $5 stretches a long, long way and completely satisfies your gustatory challenges, it’s at Pinoy Restaurant located just across the Asahi softball field. It’s your typical restaurant, populated mostly by Palauans on weekdays and mostly Filipinos on weekends. It’s an “Eat all you can” treat, with nine or 10 viands to choose from, all the rice you can take plus dessert, usually buco salad and a glassful…

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Desserts, Philippines

Cooling off with a bowlful of halo-halo

Like any normal being, my resistance always melts at the sight (or even thought) of a bowlful of sinfully delicious halo-halo especially on a day when you have to fight oppressive heat. Halo-halo is a cold mixed dessert, a sweet concoction of seasonal fruits with milk, differently-colored ata de coco (coconut gelatin) sugar, mung beans, shaved ice, what-have-you’s and yes, scoops of ice cream. In Palau, the best place to go for a bowl of…

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Native delicacies, Philippines

kakanin at Mers

Where else in this part of the country can one sample delectable and tempting delicacies, mouth-watering bibingka (puddings made of ground rice, sugar and coconut milk, baked in a clay oven), and a variety of other kakanins if not in Mers? Mers is conveniently located at the corner of Rizal and Lapu-lapu Streets and just a few meters away from the city hall of Digos City. It is the perfect stop-over for leg-stretching and relaxing…

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Japanese fare (and non-stop piano entertainment)

If you’re looking for a place to eat and at the same time give your senses a chance to relax to the wonderful strains of music from a piano, the right places to go to are Don Buri restaurant a few meters across Palasia hotel, and Teppan Dragon at the Topside. From the various selection of delectable Japanese cuisine (Don Buri dishes), we sat down to sample Fry Fish Don, which turned out to be…

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A Taste of Indian cuisine

When the craving to have a taste of Indian cuisine (or for the curious ones) hits you, the only place to go to in Palau is Taj Restaurant, located right across the old OEK building. Taj Manager Robert Scaria said the latest offering they have for the customers (it’s not yet in the menu) is the Thali Set, a splendid feast and a taste of the real “India” all in one round platter. While waiting…

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Italian fare at Sarah’s Yum Yum

The appetizers came in a delightful variety of dishes as an advancer to the Italian Sampler Wayne Sugiyama of Sarah’s Yum Yum promised us. It came served with Hot Apps- blackened Ahi (pan-seared) which was actually fish sliced in strips and was served with wasabi beurre blanc, and a tastefully-arranged dish of deep fried calamari served with white sauce. Straight from the grill, Wayne served us a huge serving of beef and chicken combination grilled…

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Spaghetti at Kramer’s

Palau is known for the richness of its seas. The island’s waters teemed with diversified marine life that is a feast to the eyes, hence it’s just natural when restaurants dish up very sumptuous servings of Palau’s bountiful seafood. One such place to go to is Kramers Bar and Restaurant at the fishing dock in Malakal. You mount the flight of stairs above the Daydream Dive Shop and you’ll start to wonder if you are…

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Japan, Seafood

Going crazy over sushi

He calls it Hanabi sushi, which means firecracker in Japanese. I didn’t grasp the real meaning of the word until I took a bite. Not a big fan of spicy foods, I started to whistle- whew! It sure bites and lives up to it’s name! Mingles ToToTo owner Quincy Kuniyosi handed me a glass of margarita and instructed me to take a sip to wash down the biting taste. “It goes well with sushi and…

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Fast foods

Feastin’ on salads n’ sandwiches

The appropriate word is complete freedom. Your mouth will start to water the minute you pick up a plate and experience total freedom in choosing from among the long line of tantalizing displays what to eat from the salad and sandwich bar at The Waves restaurant. I followed Palau Royal Resort Food & Beverage manager Allan Tuppil in the line, observing as he made a perfect cut from a baguette, lightly buttered both sides to…

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