Exotic Food, Palau

Wait, there’s a bat in your soup!

(A repost from my previous blog) THE list for exotic food never ends where ever you go and when you’re in Micronesia, specifically Palau, get to know one of the most popular dishes the island has to offer—the fruit bat. The fruit bat traditional delicacy in Palau has continued to draw attention globally after having been featured in an episode of the show “Survivor Micronesia” The bats, also known as Flying Foxes, are a traditional…

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Fast foods, Palau

Rock Island café: A pizza-lover’s hangout

If it’s pizza, relaxation, conversation and satisfaction you’re looking for, the best place to go to, not only in Palau but in Micronesia as well is Rock Island Café, one building you could not miss which is located across the Palau High School gymnasium. Here is a place where tourists from all parts of the world mingle with students and locals to satisfy gustatory demands with delicious pizza, swap stories over glasses of coffee, tea…

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Native delicacies, Palau

From root crop to delicacy

With display stalls in the grocery stores and shops bursting with imported food items, developing the island’s natural resources is quite a feat, but it is doable and it pays. Let’s focus on Palau’s main root crop, the taro, whether the gathering is a birthday party, first bath ceremony, house party, funeral, simple gathering or any other events. Taro is also present in bento or lunchboxes. Although a higher percentage of the younger generation show…

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Satiate your craving for local food at Longshoremen

The ringing of the phone kept me on my toes as I waited for somebody to pick up the other line, wondering and praying that Longshoremen’s Restaurant manager Carolyn Nakamura-Takada will give in to my spur-of-the-moment notice to feature their specialty for this section. She didn’t fail me. To cut it short, I was Longshoremen’s Restaurant in Malakal in no time at all and spread before me was a Palauan buffet set- a round plate…

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