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Wait, there’s a bat in your soup!

(A repost from my previous blog) THE list for exotic food never ends where ever you go and when you’re in Micronesia, specifically Palau, get to know one of the most popular dishes the island has to offer—the fruit bat. The fruit bat traditional delicacy in Palau has continued to…

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Crocodile ice cream

After months of seeing photos and reading about the crocodile ice cream from local, national and international publications, I finally had the chance to try this classic dessert with a unique (spelled scary) dessert a while back at the Crocodile Park, one of the most popular attractions in Davao City.…

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[ Exotic Food ]

Tikod amo: A bite of a monkey’s heel

IT’S usually monkeys who bite people, but if you go to Surigao del Sur, you have a chance to bite a monkey—and right on its heel too. However is not what you think. Visit Erve’s Fastfood in Lianga, Surigao del Sur and try a rare and exotic dish that has…

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[ Exotic Food ]

Chicken feet delights

      I grew up thinking that everybody in the world eats chicken feet, or I guess I just haven’t met anyone who shudders in disgust looking at a plate of steamed or chicken feet adobo, that is until I came to Saipan six years ago. A new American…

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[ Exotic Food ]

Balut: A taste of the exotic

BEFORE you tap its pointy shell and make a small crack to sip the broth, make sure you have a pinch of salt and spicy vinegar before you make the “final attack.” I’m talking about the “balut,” a famous delicacy in the Philippines  that would send a lot of people…

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[ Exotic Food ]

Go for escargot

IT’S not chicken. It’s not seafood, and it’s not anything you eat regularly. Escargot, a dish of cooked land snails, is served by very few establishments on island. If you are daring and would eat almost anything, you should enjoy this French delicacy which 360 Revolving Restaurant at the Marianas…

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