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Yummy, chewy butchi balls

The more we tried to explain, the more confused she became. My friend finally asked for pen and paper and drew balls with sesame seeds all around then showed it to her. The waitress’ face lighted up and she said “Oh, sesame balls. Yes.” Sink your teeth into one of…

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Ahh those (siopao) buns

One of the tempting displays at any shelf in a fastfood or restaurant that always catches my attention are those white steamed, meat-filled buns which is a popular food item in the Philippine and Chinese culture. These are called siopao. Siopao literally means "steamed bun" and it the Philippine version…

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LF Restaurant: Your 24/7 food stopover in CK

  WHEN hunger strikes at ungodly hours of the night or anytime during the day, finding a restaurant that’s open time can be quite a challenge on island. If you are in Chalan Kanoa, check out this little food outlet named LF Restaurant. Skipping breakfast and lunch on Saturday, I…

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Guangzhou Restaurant: An all-night diner in Garapan

TUCKED in between apartments and business establishments on one of the narrow streets in Garapan is a little Chinese diner. With very few restaurants open at night,  Guangzhou Restaurant with its red and white brick-designed façade has become one of the favorite destinations of late diners. I’ve been to this…

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Dynasty Court: A taste of authentic Cantonese cuisine

DYNASTY Court-Chinese Cuisine at the Tinian Dynasty Hotel & Casino offers the only first class Chinese dining experience  in the commonwealth. Dynasty Hotel & Casino general manager Tom Liu invited me and a buddy recently to one of the VIP rooms named after the different Chinese dynasties for a dinner…

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Mura Ichiban: Your all-night food shack

FINALLY, here’s a new destination in Garapan if you get hungry during the most unearthly hours of the night, or if you want to just hang out for a few drinks. Fat rain drops dripping down the windshield of my buddy’s van put a stop to our driving around on…

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