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Loco Moco

Loco Moco is a classic dish in the Hawaiian cuisine. It is a favorite quick meal option served in most restaurants and fast food diners in the Micronesian Islands.

The traditional loco moco dish is a “sloppy yet delicious” pile of white rice topped with a hamburger patty, brown gravy, and a fried egg on top. Some add pasta salad to the mix.

Each restaurant has its own variation in how they serve loco moco from the flavor and thickness of the hamburger patty to the kind of gravy they use and even the way they plate and serve the egg on top.

Others serve the egg over easy but I always order my sunny side up “well-overdone”, which I always have to explain to the waiter/waitress means a bit burned. Which means I want the egg sides crispy and crunchy and don’t want a flood of yellow liquid stream down the plate when I poke the egg.

Anyone can make their own version of loco moco too. Check online and you’ll find hundreds of recipes. I am one of those who would rather order and eat than make my own. LoL

According to folklore, the dish was named after a member of the athletic club whose nickname was “loco” or crazy in Portugese and Hawaiian, and they just added “moco” because it just rhymed with loco. Loco Moco was invented in 1949 for local hungry boys, and since then has become a famous favorite.

Where have you eaten the best loco moco?

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