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Mango sweet sticky rice

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IT was not a case of love at first bite for me with this street food delicacy called Kow Neuw Ma Muang, or mango on sticky rice, but when I finally tried it, I wished I tried it earlier.

This dessert is a serving of steamed sticky rice topped with slices of ripe mangoes, doused with hot coconut milk and others sprinkle toasted sesame seeds on top for more flavor.

This is a very popular traditional summer dessert especially in northern and northeastern Thailand when mangoes are in season, and I’ve watched both locals and tourists in the streets of Chiang Mai eat this before finally trying it out for myself.

Mango sticky rice is sold for 50 Baht a serving. There are lots of recipes available online if you want to make this yourself.


I’ve never tried making it but if you do make it, whatever you do, don’t put leftovers in the fridge. The rice will harden and it won’t be the same anymore. I made that mistake so take it from me. The best thing to do is eat everything so there will be no leftovers.

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