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Ginanggang na saging, guinanggang, or ginang-gang is one of my “most favoritiest” street food in the universe. It is a banana in a bamboo stick grilled over medium hot coals.  This is a snack of my childhood years whenever somebody in the neighborhood installs a portable grill and the smell of ginanggang wafts into the houses. The next day, another neighbor will do the same, and yet another one will follow the next day until by the end of the week almost everybody in a neighborhood is grilling bananas for sale.

The slower you grill it, the yummier it gets as you get to slowly cook the insides of the banana. If you’re impatient like me most of the times, you fire up the coals fast and the result will be burnt banana on the outside but mushy on the inside.

For added flavor (and calories), brush margarine around the grilled ginanggang and  roll it in white sugar.

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