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Turon: An unbeatable island favorite

THEY come in different lengths, diameters and different variations. They are being prepared by experts and amateurs, but whatever way they are prepared, they satisfy the sweet cravings of a big number of the population.

Turon is sliced  bananas with strips of jackfruit, wrapped in spring roll wrapper, dipped in brown sugar then fried. it is one of the bestselling favorites on island.

Also called banana fritters, this banana snack which resembles a spring roll or lumpia is a famous delicacy in the Philippines.

The turon business is a flourishing sidewalk industry for many Filipino entrepreneurs who cook them in huge deep skillets set on rolling carts. Turon has been around for decades and its customers range from children, students, employees and even office workers.

Other individuals make their own turon at home and add their own variations such as cheese, butter, chocolate, or other ingredients instead of jackfruit strips. You can add whatever you like, but still, the original version of turon is still the most popular.

Turon is best eaten as soon as it is cool enough. Enjoy biting into the sweet crispy wrapper and the  banana with jackfruit strips in the center.

On Saipan, turon is sold for a dollar each at the Sabalu Market in Susupe every Saturday, at the Tuesday market at the fishing base across from Kristo Rai Church, and at the street market in Garapan every Thursday. Turon is also sold during festivals and events such as the Flame Tree Arts Festival, Taste of the Marianas, and the Liberation Day festival.


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