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Kinpachi Seafood: Dining under the sea

Crab with coconut milk. Photo by Kinpachi Restaurant
A NEW dining destination has opened in Garapan and it not only offers the best seafood dishes you can think of, but will also make you experience dining “under the sea” without the inconveniences that involves.
Kinpachi Restaurant has transformed its souvenir and grocery store into new blue world with a giant dolphin as a centerpiece on a round table at the center of the room.Geraldine Cordero, who manages Kinpachi Seafood, said they opened last week and are already getting a fair share of diners, not only tourists but locals as well.3 LOCAK FISH w SOUCE

Local fish with sauce. Photo by Kinpachi Restaurant

Try out Kinpachi’s Seafood specialties such as Dungeness Crab with coconut milk, local reef fish with oyster sauce and lobster roll.
There’s also sashimi, salmon sashimi boat, sashimi mix special, surf clam, live lobster sashimi, teppanyaki seafood deluxe, seafood kelagen, shrimp tempura, fried shrimp, scallops, oysters, seafood barbeque, grilled turban shell, grilled prawns, king crab, unaju or broiled eel, and more.
Diners can also order food from Kinpachi Restaurant’s main menu and have it delivered to Kinpachi Seafood.
A small cubicle that seats up to four people offers some sort of privacy for couples who would want to dine in private.1 ROBSTER ROLL

Lobster Roll. Photo by Kinpachi Restaurant

Kinpachi Seafood provides a very relaxing ambiance. Fish and other marine life are painted on the blue walls and ceilings. It’s like being inside a huge aquarium.IMG_6411
The Kinpachi Seafood main entrance is on the Paseo de Marianas across from the Saipan Store, but you can also use Kinpachi Restaurant’s main door on Coral Tree Avenue across from the Fiesta Resort & Spa parking lot.
Kinpachi Seafood can seat up to 90 persons and is open from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. for lunch and from 5:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. daily. Credit cards are accepted. For inquiries or reservations, call 234-6900.
First published at the Marianas Variety

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