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Finger-licking BBQ goodness at Booya’s

IMG_9294TRYING out the popular Booya’s Local BBQ has always been in the plan since the restaurant opened its doors last April but the chance never came as they only open for lunch and I rarely eat lunch.

A week ago I learned that Booya’s is already open for dinner and my chance came on Friday. I had skipped breakfast and lunch and it was already past 5 p.m. and I had nothing but a cup of coffee for the whole day and was growing hungrier by the minute when I and my companion entered Booya’s. The tables were still empty as they just opened but already the mouthwatering smells of barbeque wafted to our nostrils, making us hungrier.

pork sukiyakiThe dinner menu for that night was only the Booya’s Slam BBQ set and Booya’s BBQ dish with one choice of meat. I decided on the $7 BBQ set and chose chicken. Other options are pork or beef. My companion decided to try the $15 Slam BBQ set. We didn’t have to wait long. My order was served first after a few minutes, two pieces of grilled chicken thighs with two scoops of red rice, macaroni salad, and dips. I know I can never finish the chicken slices and was planning to share it with my companion when his order arrived—huge slices of BBQ beef and pork ribs, and chicken thighs arranged neatly on a huge platter and came with two scoops of red rice. On a separate plate were slices of titiyas and chicken kelaguen, dips and vegetable salad. If we only knew the Slam BBQ set was already more than enough for the two of us, we would have just ordered an additional serving of rice.DSC07254

 We dug into our food and did not talk for the first few minutes, but after one scoop of rice and the smaller piece of chicken, I had enough. I would have wanted to eat with my hands if I was going home right after and savor the full flavors of the BBQ from my fingers but I had another appointment.

A couple of people came in but just to pick up their orders. Booya’s Local Barbeque is Saipan’s first local style Chamorro barbeque destination that gives you the chance to hold an ‘indoor picnic.’ The restaurant uses long wooden tables and benches to give diners the feeling of being at a real picnic. You can also check out Booya’s daily specials like kelaguen Satdinas served with titiyas, katdun patas, beef pot roast or pork sukiyaki, pork bisteak, Chamorro bistek, golai mongus with ham hock, crispy fried chicken and more local favorites any day of the week.DSC09883
They also serve Bud Light as well as Coca-Cola products and iced tea.
Booya’s Local BBQ is open open for lunch from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and for dinner from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Monday to Saturday. They offer delivery for your food orders. Booya’s Local Barbeque is located across from Mobil Gas Station on Middle Road and beside American Nails. Cash is accepted.
For orders, deliveries or reservations please call 233-0227 visit their website at http://www.BooyasLocalBBQ.com or check their page on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/BooyasLocalBBQ.IMG_9421
First published at the Marianas Variety

I HAVE wanted to check out the ever popular Booya’s Local BBQ since it opened in April, but I rarely ate lunch. – See more at: http://www.mvariety.com/special-features/out-to-eat/61384-finger-licking-bbq-goodness-at-booya-s#sthash.UPEAIlaY.dpuf
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