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Coffee Care: Your food on the hill

Fried eggs in the Hole

A DRIVE up to Coffee Care on Capital Hill last Saturday took me and a lunch buddy to try the new lunch specials. We headed straight to a table for two right by the glass windows and browsed the menu a waitstaff handed us, only to find out the lunch specials was offered only on the weekdays.
I decided to try one dish from the weekend breakfast menu and satisfy my curiosity about what “fried eggs in the hole” looks like. My lunch buddy chose one of the day’s special—grilled chicken with shrimps and baked potatoes.
DSC_6686While waiting for our orders, our waitstaff served us a roll of freshly baked bread, still hot from the oven with two packets of butter, and a small bowl each of corn and vegetable soup. I pushed my soup aside after one spoonful, knowing I’d be full if I finish it.
My Fried Eggs in the Hole was served a few minutes after, and I got the answer to my question. A couple of slice toast with a hole in the center and well done fried eggs filled the hole, served on a  bed of baked potatoes, and topped with a thin slab of smoked salmon and chickpea pesto.
DSC09671Although under a new management, most of the menu at the Coffee Care remains the same, but in celebration of the restaurant’s 25th anniversary, Coffee Care is offering lunch specials for $8.99. Check out the special lunch on the weekdays.
My buddy’s order followed a couple of minutes after, tender and juicy slabs of grilled chicken bathed in a golden sauce, and served with broccoli and coated fried shrimps. I ate about one third of my buddy’s meal and left half of mine untouched.
The Coffee Care is operating under new business hours. Lunch is from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., and dinner from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Monday to Friday. Breakfast and lunch on Saturdays and Sundays is from 7:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. and dinner is from 6-10 p.m.
This means you can order breakfast items even if its lunchtime, or stretch it and have a leisurely breakfast all the way till 2 p.m. I was tempted to have coffee but time was running out as I still had many errands to do.
DSC09683 - Copy
The Coffee Care remains a favorite hangout on the hill for many. Albeit the food prices could be a bit steep for a regular budget, the superb view of the Saipan lagoon is a steal.
Coffee Care is the best destination to have a leisurely cup of your favorite coffee. That’s what they’re known for—the best coffee in the island. You see jars and jars of various coffee beans just inside the door, and it is more than enough to tempt your palates for a hot mug or a tall iced glass of rich espresso beverages.DSC09666
Check out Coffee Care’s extensive menu that includes a wide selection of salads, pasta, sandwiches, pancakes and a wide array of mouthwatering breakfast items, seafood and meat entrees. The restaurant serves Italian dinner specials, Japanese dinner specials and Mexican dinners. They also serve a selection of pizza, steaks, as well as beverages like cocktails and tropical cocktails, Daquiris, special Margaritas, fruit smoothies, fresh fruits and others.
Major credit cards are accepted. For reservations, call 323-5282.

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