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Refreshments at The Grill

  DRIVING around Kagman one hot Friday afternoon led me and a companion to the cool confines
of The Grill, LaoLao Bay Golf Resort’s restaurant.
We had skipped lunch and it was past 4 p.m. already so we were hungry. We headed to the farthest table right beside the glass windows and browsed through the menu that a friendly wait staffer handed us.When you enter The Grill, you feel an instant change of atmosphere. Its like entering a world where everyone is in a relaxed state and all their cares have been left outside the door.


I was not in the mood for a heavy lalunch/early dinner so I decided to try the Philadelphia grilled cheese sandwich while my companion said he wanted to try the cheeseburger with French fries.

Sipping on a glass of cold water, I looked around as we waited for our orders. A long table was occupied by golf players having early drinks.
It’s one of the advantages of The Grill — it’s open the whole day so you don’t have to wait for lunch time or dinner time to get in.
When my Philly cheese was served, I gulped. It was huge and it came with a bowl of vegetable salad and French fries. My buddy’s cheeseburger was equally huge, and there was no way we could finish it all even though we were hungry. We had to ask the wait staff to put our leftover food in a doggie bag. Meanwhile, we decided to try one scoop each of ice cream. I ordered vanilla and my buddy went for a scoop of ube or purple yam. You can also order mango at $3 per scoop.


What I really would have loved was LaoLao Bay’s famous ice shave but it was only available at the Tea House, in the middle of the golf course.
We lingered for a while at The Grill, nibbling our French fries and hoping for a blazing sunset we could capture in photos but luck was not with us. It was bleak and cloudy. We left The Grill and drove back to Garapan with our leftover sandwiches.
The Grill has one of the most spectacular panoramic views on island: the blue ocean and sky and the green golf course.IMG_8131
The food prices at The Grill are competitive but the view you get to enjoy is priceless.
The Grill offers American, Japanese and Korean breakfast sets, appetizers such as spicy diced Angus Beef chaser, ham and egg sandwich with potato chips, tuna salad sandwich, fried chicken breast, LaoLao Bento, an assortment of noodles and more.
The Grill’s beverages include wines, beer, whisky, schochu, soft drinks, sodas and fruit juices.
The Grill is also known for its Angus Beef ribeye sizzling steak, Japanese style. It is a huge, juicy and savory sizzling slab of 8-pound steak whose aroma will cause heads to turn when it is brought to your table. With the steak are side dishes of salad, pickles, miso soup, rice and fruit.
The Grill offers a 10 percent discount for locals and is open from 6 a.m. until 10 p.m. All major credit cards are accepted. For reservations/inquiries, call 236-8888 and ask to be connected to The Grill.
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