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Casino Café: Your Tinian 24/7 dining option

DSC_0042    If you are hungry on Tinian, there is only one place to go 24/7 and 365 days a year — Casino Café & Roulette Bar.

Casino Café occupies the far left end of the huge hall, right behind Roulette Bar and is bordered by a single railing. It has tables for two, four and more, and attentive staffers will immediately attend to you — even if all you want is just water.Casino Café serves a selection of western and Asian dishes, and in the countless times that I’ve been here, my favorite has remained constant — bihon guisado (rice stick noodles) with chicken minus the shrimp. It requires a huge effort to even finish half of the serving. I always try but I’ve yet to succeed.Another favorite is the grilled fish of the day set which comes with a serving of rice, salad and miso soup, and the bulalo (beef shanks and marrow bone) soup which is served in a hot pot. You can never hope to finish it even if you are very hungry. The bulalo also comes with rice.In moments when I couldn’t decide what to have, I opted for beef fried rice. You can also check out the sandwiches: chicken, tuna, eggs and bacon. You can customize your own sandwich.DSC_3263
Casino Café’s dessert shelves have cakes of various flavors and a fruit platter.
If you’re a hotel guest and too lazy to go out of your room, you can call room service and order from the Casino Café menu. I ordered a mug of hotel-brewed coffee and my jaw dropped open when the coffee was delivered to my room — it was served in a mug and included a full pot.DSC_9921
Roulette Bar is my favorite place to hang out at the casino. It’s where you can sit at the counter sipping your favorite cup of coffee or cocktail or relishing ice cream at 3 a.m. while you watch the action at the gambling machines around you.DSC_3750 (3)
You can also have refillable coffee or soda when you sit at one of the slot machines and play.
Tinian Dynasty has several dining options: Sagano Restaurant offers Japanese cuisine and is open for dinner; Broadway is open for breakfast and lunch; Dynasty Court offers Chinese cuisine and is open for dinner; Monster Pizza serves the island’s best pizza and beverages from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m.; BBQ Pit if you want to have dinner outdoors in an island setting; and Casino Café where time does not matter.IMG_7046
Casino Café accepts all major credit cards. For reservations or inquiries, call 328-2233 extension 45.
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