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Chilling out at Buoy Bar

IFIF there is an ideal destination where you can order drinks and food while being entertained by a live band or cultural dancers, it’s Buoy Bar at the Pacific Islands Club in San Antonio.
I had never thought of having drinks or just hanging out at Buoy Bar. There were always a lot of people coming and going and I preferred the peace and quiet at Seaside Grill where you could gaze at the sea and breathe the salty tang of the breeze while watching the sunset. But one day a friend forced me to sit down at one of the tables at Buoy Bar and ordered a drink for me. Buoy Bar is now one of my favorite hangouts.I now enjoy and appreciate the flurry of activities as I can order anything: not only drinks and tropical beverages but also appetizers and other food from the menu.
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Sex on the Beach

While waiting for the start of a media event a couple of weeks ago, I whiled the time away at Buoy Bar, nursing a tall glass of ice tea and a serving of French fries. I got the chance to watch an island show. Leaving my drink on the counter, I joined the group of tourists and locals who watched graceful dancers in grass skirts swaying to the beating of the drums. Anyone could join the dancing and some did.IMG_8789

If you hang out at Buoy Bar at night, you get blinking lights and real torches lighting the pathways. You get to see people enjoy splashing in the pool as you sip your drink, listen to a band playing a variety of tunes from timeless hits to the latest beats. You can even request your favorite song or swim in the pool yourself.
At Buoy Bar, you will never feel alone even if you are.
Check out its beverage menu which has a wide selection of beers, wines, cocktails, sodas and other drinks that come with free popcorn.
Buoy Bar is open from 10 a.m. to midnight every day. Credit cards are accepted. For inquiries or reservations, email sales@picsaipan.com or reservations@picsaipan.com, or call 234-6592 or 235-7981.
First published at Marianas Variety

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