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LF Restaurant: Your 24/7 food stopover in CK

????????????????????  WHEN hunger strikes at ungodly hours of the night or anytime during the day, finding a restaurant that’s open time can be quite a challenge on island. If you are in Chalan Kanoa, check out this little food outlet named LF Restaurant.
Skipping breakfast and lunch on Saturday, I was already getting dizzy with hunger at about 8 p.m. when I picked up fellow reporter Junhan at his house and headed toward LF Restaurant where he said hot food was always available.
LF Restaurant is in front of LF Outlet so it is an ideal destination for those who are looking for food to go — those who are in a hurry and really hungry.
There were no other diners when we went in, but a wide selection of ready-to-order and ready-to-eat dishes were set out in the glass counter. Wasting no time, I ordered breaded salmon, fried chicken and vegetables and headed to the nearest table. LF Restaurant serves your food on a tray with several compartments, sparing you from the trouble of balancing several dishes to your table.
With over 15 selections to choose from the counter, including shrimp, poached fish, steamed vegetables, egg soup, sweet and sour pork, tofu and more, Junhan and I discovered that we ordered the same food.
Where else can you get three choices plus rice and soup for $4?
The food is average and nothing to “die for” but LF Restaurant caters to the hungry night and day.
If you’re not in a hurry and want something in particular, browse through the menu and place your order.
A variety of vege???????????????????????????????table dishes is also available: tofu, mushrooms, fried cabbage with garlic and more from $5 and up. Choose from a selection of seafood dishes, chicken, pork and beef favorites, soup, cold dishes, noodles and rice dishes, barbeque and hotpot selections.
LF Restaurant only has a few tables and is not ideal if you want private and intimate meals. People come and go, order food and leave so fast it could make you dizzy, but again, this place caters to the hungry. This is your place to stop by and have a can of beer for $2 or soda for a dollar, and a big LCD screen mounted on the wall can keep you entertained.
It is your regular Chinese restaurant where huge glossy photos of food and their names adorn the walls to help you make quick choices if you don’t have time to browse through the menu. The place is neat with its green shiny tables and chairs divided by partitions. Bright lanterns hanging from the ceiling add an air of coziness to the ambiance.
LF Restaurant is open 24 hours and located in front of Sandy Beach Homes in CK. Only cash is accepted. For inquiries, orders or reservations, call 235-7567.
First published at the Marianas Variety

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