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December feasts at the Paseo de Marianas

ON the remaining three Saturday evenings of the month, head to the Paseo de Marianas and partake of a feast of assorted dishes at pocket-friendly prices.
Country House Restaurant offers the succulent goodness of pot roast Certified Angus beef bento that comes with a scoop of mashed potatoes topped with gravy and vegetables for $5. It also has a special spicy pork rib bento for $4 and pop-corn shrimp for $2.The Okadaya stall has a variety of fresh Japanese bento meals while Furusato Restaurant’s stall sells a wide selection of Japanese cuisine at $5 for five choices.
The Kinpachi Restaurant stall serves Japanese favorites like doriyaki hot off the grill. The pleasure and anticipation of watching the ch
efs prepare your order and the heavenly smell in the air add to the total package, making your $2 order more enjoyable. Kinpachi also sells popcorn and beverages.
If you want food on the go, visit Lyn’s BBQ stall for a stick or two of hotdogs, pigs’ ears, chicken feet, pork or chicken barbeque. It also serves corn on a stick with or without butter for a buck. Also available are spaghetti and Filipino desserts.

pig’s ears and chicken feet BBQ

For more food to go, the E’sy Kitchen’s stall serves special siopao and manju for $1.25 each, hotdogs and shaved ice in strawberry, pineapple, grape and milk flavors.

Hula Girl, Saipan’s famous maker of apigigi, has papaya turnover, coconut pie, cassava cake, papaya coco, turon (deep fried banana roll), chicken or corned beef empanadas, ice cream and different flavors of slush.
Quench your thirst with large refreshing shakes from Sierra’s Pearl Shake. Choose from a wide selection of flavors: blueberry, honeydew, watermelon, mango, cherry, peach, buko pandan (young coconut and screwpine leaves) coconut, cookies and cream, taro, cappuccino and more. Also try the Hawaiian shave ice flavors: fruit punch, banana, orange, lime and blueberry.
These restaurants and caterers have set up tables and benches near their stalls so you can eat there or anywhere at the Paseo de Marianas while watching the entertainment. Or you can take your orders home.
See you at the Paseo for another feast next Saturday night!
First published at the Marianas Variety

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