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Sizzling tuna steak at Jonny's

THE search for a place to eat dinner on Saturday night ended at one of the most unlikely establishments — Jonny’s Bar & Grill in Garapan. Of course I had been there before, but for a drink or two and not to eat.
Four tourists were having chasers with their drinks at the next table and all the other customers were also having drinks. It felt kind of awkward to be eating a heavy meal at a bar where everyone else was drinking, shooting darts, playing pool or dancing, but we were hungry and was in no mood to go somewhere else.
Somebody started punching keys on the jukebox and very soon, rock music flooded the bar. A food staffer handed us menus and I was surprised to see a wide selection of food. I did not take a long time to order what I wanted. My fried chicken was served in a short while — marinated chicken pieces fried and served with finadene sauce and ketchup. The slices were bite-size pieces.

sizzling tuna steak

From the local food menu, my companion decided to try the sizzling tuna steak and a couple of rice servings. It was a tasty decision. The fried tuna cubes served with fried onion rings, garlic and bits of onion leaves on a sizzling platter emitted a heavenly aroma enough to make us weak with desire. There was nothing extra special about the fried chicken, but the tuna steak was superb and the slices succulent.

Jonny’s Bar & Grill also serves Fisherman’s Grill, beef kelaguin, Hawaiian poki, tuna tataki, tuna sashimi and deep fried shrimp. Its chasers include fried lumpia, onion rings, fried chicken, fried calamari, fish and chips, French fries and fried mussel. The pasta and sandwich selections include crabmeat spaghetti, spaghetti peperorciro, spaghetti Arrabbiata, Jonny’s burger, Hawaiian burger, jumbo hotdog and cheese steak sandwich.
You can also check out the dinner plates: taco rice, curry taco rice, loco moco, beef stroganoff, seafood pilaf and Jonny’s steak combo — a full meal of Black Angus Beef loin steak and deep fried black tiger shrimp served with plain rice or French bread.
Pancakes — plain, pineapple and banana — are also available.
You can also try Mexican favorites such as pizza quesadillas, fried corn chips, mini tacos and taco salad.
Jonny’s Daily Special is fried chicken on Sunday, fried lumpia on Monday, quesadillas sausage on Tuesday, quesadillas seafood on Wednesday, sizzling squid on Thursday, sizzling chicken on Friday and sizzling sausage on Saturday — all at $4.99. The daily special is served from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m.
At Jonny’s, you won’t be pampered like a customer at a restaurant. You have to go to the bar to order water or more rice. After all, Jonny’s is a bar.
You can enjoy your food or drinks at one of the tables inside the dimly lit interior while enjoying the festive mood of dart and pool players. You can also eat at one of the tabletop counters or at the outdoor deck to get a view of the nightlife in Garapan.
Jonny’s is located right next door to Godfathers in Garapan and is open from 2 p.m. to 2 a.m. every day. Cards accepted. For inquiries, call 233-9019.
First published at the Marianas Variety

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