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Surprise in Every Bite at the Miyako

PUSH open the doors of Miyako at the Hyatt Regency Saipan and be in for a whole new journey into a world of authentic Japanese cuisine with the creations of its new sushi Chef Miyako Ito.

I promised myself I was just going to take photos and not eat when I went to Miyako to sample the new line of heavenly delights on Friday evening.

I was planning to stick to my promise when Miyako in-charge Edwin Tabora served the appetizer to start off my meal—a heavenly concoction of yam, ginger bud, pickled plum in a small ceramic bowl, pieces of smoked mackerel and scallop, and pickled tofu. I spooned a small portion of the yam and was in for my surprise of the night. The yam, which came from Japan had a sweetish flavor mixed with a tinge of ginger buds. I speared the smoked mackerel and scallops and finished it all in a few minutes. So much for promising I was not going to eat.

Next came the sushi delight, yummy slices of fresh tuna and yellow tail, rolls of squid and seaweed arranged on a white ceramic sushi platter. I did not touch the wasabi paste but delved into the sushi with gusto. Everything was gone in no time at all.

I was getting full but when Edwin took the platter away, another food staffer placed a small soup bowl in front of me. I opened it to reveal a very tempting slice of red snapper imported from Japan, swimming in an appetizing soup. It was a recipe I would never say no to, no matter how full I was. I sipped the soup and gloried in the sweetish salty flavor, battling with what little skills I have with the chopsticks to devour every bit of the snapper before putting back the cover on.
Next, Edwin delivered a dainty plate to my table bearing two slices of perfectly grilled king salmon, imported from Alaska according to Chef Ito. I forked a tentative bite into my mouth, expecting a buttery taste judging from the yellowish appearance of the salmon. I was in for another surprise. I could not put a finger to the flavor of the salmon so I asked Chef Ito, who explained the salmon was marinated in Sake and other spices before being grilling.
I was already so full and was preparing to signal ‘tap out’ when came another platter, this time it was the main dish—  Chef’s Recommendation containing seven pieces Nigiri, every piece meticulously prepared by Chef Ito. Tuna, yellow tail, herring eggs, sea urchin, squid, scallops on a banana leaf atop a wooden platter. Everything was a seafood lover’s dream. If I was able to avoid the wasabi earlier, there was no escape this time but surprisingly, I started to like it. Miyako serves only fresh wasabi using plants straight from Japan, not the commercial ones which come in a tube.

A bowl of red miso soup accompanied the Chef’s Recommendation platter. Finally, dessert came, and I opted for a spoon for vanilla ice cream with instructions to really serve it small. It was far from small but a whole scoop served with a slice of strawberry and orange.
It was a very filling meal you wouldn’t think of eating again until later the next day.
There’s more to sushi and sashimi at the Miyako. Chef Ito brings with him over 30 years of perfecting his craft in sushi making, which means at Miyako, it’s not your regular run-of-the-mill sushi but you get a surprise with every bite.
Check out Miyako and indulge in the mouthwatering creations of Chef Ito at Hyatt Regency Saipan. Experience authentic Japanese cuisine and try any of the wide choices of udon, vegetable stew, tempura, salad, vegetables, stewed eggplant, tofu, and grilled more.in the cozy atmosphere of Miyako.
Enjoy time in the pleasing dimness that makes you feel like being inside a private cove while while sipping any of your favorite drinks—sakes and shochu, wines and other beverages.
Miyako can seat up to 60 persons. They are open for lunch from 11:30 am to 2:00 pm and from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. for dinner from Monday to Saturday. Major credit cards are accepted. For reservations, please call 234-1234 or book reservations online by logging in to saipan.regency.hyatt.com website. Go to the Dining and Entertainment section, and reserve a seat.
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