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Sizzling dinners at Teppanyaki Grill

HOW would you like to watch a spectacular display of skills as your chefs prepare your meal? The Hyatt’s Teppanyaki Grill teases your senses before you finally dig into a meal that makes you come back for more.

The saying “half the fun is getting there” applies to  Teppanyaki Grill where you get to see chefs expertly flipping spatulas, pepper mills and eggs.
You get to see the preparation of your food and get lost in the mouthwatering aromas that double your anticipation. At Teppanyaki Grill, everything sizzles and smells so good.
I had the chance to try a special Teppanyaki lunch last week and it was hard to decide where to begin. It was amazing to watch ordinary steamed rice transformed into tantalizing sizzling fried rice with bits of green and white onions, red bell pepper, cabbage, white onion, carrots and more. Chicken, beef and fish slices never look so tempting  when they are turning brown on the grill and steaming in sauces flavored with local ingredients.
Biting into the succulent, tender and flavored meat slices and dipping them into special sauces that come with each dish add to the heady experience.
The salad bar offers a variety of selections. You’ll want to sample everything.
Shrimp, prawns, king crabs and more are all cooked right before your eyes.
From time to time, chefs from Japan and other Hyatt branches come over to introduce new concepts to  the Teppanyaki Grill menu and train the hotel chefs.collage
For a diner, especially for those who don’t or can’t cook, watching the chefs as they deftly slice and fry and turn over meat and rice is a like witnessing a fast-paced play. The show becomes a blur but everything is cooked to perfection and ready to eat before you know it.
The ambiance at Teppanyaki Grill is another added bonus. You get a view of the gardens and the fountains with the lights casting magical reflections on the water.
My favorite Teppanyaki diner before was at the Palms Resort before it closed in 2010. I am usually picky about vegetables but there is just something about  picking the ingredients of my meal and watching them being cooked that thrills and teases my palate. It is so different from ordering from the printed menu, or scooping food from a buffet spread.
You’ll surely appreciate the action and the showmanship at Teppanyaki Grill.
It can seat about 32 persons and serves dinner from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. every day except on Thursdays. Reservations are encouraged. Club at the Hyatt members are welcome, and all credit cards are accepted. For more information, call 234-1234 extension 26.
This was first published at the Marianas Variety

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