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Dragon Garden Delicacies: Saipan's new destination for Chinese food

sweet and sour fish


A FRIEND invited me to this newest Chinese restaurant at the back of DFS Galleria in Garapan during it opening night last Tuesday but I was only able to drop by on Saturday night.
I was expecting Dragon Garden Delicacies to be like other Chinese restaurants on Saipan — rich gold and yellow or red table cloths and curtains with round tables dominating the dining area, and lanterns hanging from the ceilings. I was both right and wrong — there were no lanterns and the tablecloths and the chairs are  yellow and gold. No red ones.

pepper salted fried ribs

I and my companion headed to a round table for 10 as it was the only vacant table and browsed through a colorful menu the food staffer handed us. I went straight to the fish section and ordered Guru Piece of Fish, not asking what it was. My companion opted for beef with vegetables but I convinced him to try the pepper salted fried beef ribs instead.
The round table was too large for the two of us so we decided to join some friends at the next table. We were served fried peanuts to munch on while waiting for our orders. In a few minutes, a food staffer served us two platters of fried rice with green peas, shrimp, eggs and bacon strips.
The pepper salted fried ribs was served next. Honestly I was expecting thick slabs of beef dripping with fat and hot oil, but the beef ribs were served with bits of garlic and green pepper. When I took my first bite, I was surprised. The beef looked dry but it was crispy and tender, the flavors seeping through.
The Guru Piece of Fish turned out to be sweet and sour fish served on a white platter with a sticky syrup, carrots, pepper and pineapple slices. Another pleasant surprise awaited me when I forked a small slice into my mouth. I have eaten hundreds of styles of sweet and sour fish but this one was different — it made me savor it in my mouth before swallowing. The memory of the balanced sweetish and pungent flavor coating the fish is something that you want to come back for more. Our friends ordered sweet and sour pork and a big platter of stir fried noodles.
Food tastes good at the Dragon Garden Delicacies.
Check out the wide variety of Chinese delights for lunch or dinner. From its selection of soups, featured items like lobster, fried carp fish, steamed fish, roast pork, sumptuous beef, pork or chicken dishes, seafood like fresh or fried abalone slices, fried shrimp Sichuan style, steamed prawns with garlic, spicy shrimp, stuffed trios, steamed salted fish patties, and more.
Must try dishes are Peking duck which you can order whole for $40 or $20 half, roast duck, jellyfish preserved egg, and a Japanese platter.
For the non-meat eaters, a variety of delectably prepared tofu dishes are available like seafood tofu pot, mapo tofu, braised, or fried tofu with spicy salt. Dragon Garden Delicacies also serves rice and noodle favorites.
Food at the Dragon Garden Delicacies is reasonably priced  — with prices mostly between $8 and $15 an order.
Dragon Garden Delicacies is located behind DFS in Garapan beside Sisi Beauty Salon and can accommodate up to 80 persons. It is managed by Annie Zhang.
The restaurant is open daily from 11a.m. to 2 p.m. for lunch and from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. for dinner. Only cash is accepted for now. For reservations and inquiries, call 233-7888.
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