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Dining with a ‘view to die for’

WHO wouldn’t love to have a lavish dining experience at a location that offers a breathtaking view of sun, skies and jungle — with sumptuous food at affordable prices?
Check out the newly reopened Monte Vista Steak House & Restaurant located at Navy Hill a short distance away from the WIC Clinic.


A friend and I were the first to arrive when the restaurant opened on Friday, and we headed straight to the farthest seat by the window—the prime seats that everybody would vie for.
Through the huge glass window, you can see the blue stretch of the ocean and the skies, Saipan`s popular Managaha Island, and the Smiling Cove.

To our right, the blue waters of the swimming pool glistened in the noonday heat. A different setting await dinner patrons as the spotlight changes venue to the poolside where diners can watch the sunset and partake of barbeque set meals while enjoying the fresh breeze from the thick vegetation around the restaurant.
For its re-opening salvo on Friday, Monte Vista served a fusion of Korean, Western and Japanese menu and the choices of the $9.99 Monte Lunch menu.

I decided to see try the Monte Vista BBQ lunch set version and did not regret my choice. My companion went for the seafood marinara pasta which was served in a big platter—so big it was impossible for one to finish it all alone.
Monte Vista’s friendly wait staff directed us to the salad bar where we got fresh vegetables and dressings, Kimchi, and fresh fruits. Bottomless iced tea, water and hot coffee are also available along with the lunch buffet.
My BBQ set arrived in a deliciously arranged platter—a beef ribs dripping with sauce, marinated and barbequed to perfection, the meat tender and the flavors stays in your mouth after your last mouthful. The beef ribs came with a couple slices of chicken barbeque, vegetables and a serving of rice, and cream soup.
With the cup of coffee and the salad I just had, it was impossible to finish all that food.
Minutes later, two officemates arrived to try what Monte Vista has to offer and occupied the next table. I hopped over to their table to take photos of their orders—a mouthwatering sizzling hot stone bowl bibimbap and one order of Yakki Soba topped with tuna flakes.
We capped our lunch with more coffee and iced tea and had to take the rest of the food home. The servings are quite generous.
Tempting lunch items under the Korean menu includes Kimchi fried rice, Jeyuk bokum rice, squid bokum rice, bulgogi, galbitang, miso Jjigae and other Korean favorites. Choices available for those who would go for Western cuisine include beef pilaf soy sauce taste, ham and cheese sandwich, clubhouse sandwich, deep fried chicken, hamburger steak, chicken teriyaki, pork cutlet, vegetable and bacon pasta, pork katsu curry monte syle and more.
If you are into Japanese menu, try the Seafoods Pajeon, Yakki Udon and cold noodles. Monte Vista lunches are $8.99 and $9.99 with a 10 percent discount for locals. Monte Vista boasts of a comfortable bar and serving a wide variety of tropical drinks, soft drinks, vodka base or gin base drinks, beers, and non-alcoholic cocktail.
The restaurant space can accommodate up to 70 persons but the poolside can accommodate up to 200.
For now, Monte Vista is not yet open for dinner but they accept bookings and reservations for special occasions like weddings, birthdays, Christenings, and all other gatherings.
I can’t wait to try Monte Vista’s signature Monte Special Steak, New York Steak with Gravy Sauce, Rib Eye Steak with gravy sauce which will be available soon. It’s worth the drive up there.

For now, Monte Vista is open to the public for lunch from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. everyday but soon, when dinner becomes available, you can have a feast with their sunset barbeque sets at the poolside.
Credit cards are accepted. For inquiries and reservations,  call 322-3324 or visit www.saipanmontevista.com.

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