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Marg’s Kitchen: Baking memories for you

IF there’s a kitchen away from your kitchen on Saipan that bakes ‘memories’ or favorites that you would lure you back to the islands when you go out, it’s Marg’s Kitchen in Chalan Kanoa.

I chanced upon Marg’s Kitchen for the first time on Saturday afternoon while looking for something to eat on-the-go. The endless choices of temptations left us undecided for a long time—an element which we didn’t have the luxury of. We finally settled on a huge ensaymada, cold coffee in cans, slices of chocolate cakes and rushed out before we were tempted to splurge on more sweets.
Check out the tempting displays of sweet delights on Marg’s Kitchen’s shelves and feast on peanut butter cookies, blueberry horn, pumpkin turnover, chocolate Danish, papaya turnover, cherry cheesebread, blueberry bun, apple or the mini apple turnover, sugared doughnut, fudge brownie, titiyas, tamales, and more—all made fresh each morning and most of them under or just over a dollar each.

On top of the shelves are more favorites like sandwiches, chips, virgin oil, coffee and more.
Displayed on circular shelves at the center of Marg’s Kitchen are jars and boxes of homemade cookies and other delicacies that you can find only at Marg’s Kitchen—favorites that have carved its own niche in the hearts and memories of the people so that when they leave the island, they always long for these favorites.
Do you love Koko? Those wet sliced yellow strips of papaya or radish in containers or small plastic bags displayed in store counters and restaurants in the island? Marg’s Kitchen displays a wide selection of koko variations— papaya, radish, bitter melon, cucumber or egg—$2.50 in transparent containers and $1.50 in plastic bags.
Marg’s Kitchen also bakes cakes for any occasion. You can place orders for cakes with regular flavors like chocolate, marble, mocha, velvet and chiffon or special flavors like coffee buttter cream cake, oreo, carrot, pine/carrot, pinacolada, mandarin, Black Forest, and more—in round, square or rectangular shapes.
Food staffers told the Variety that Marg’s Kitchen accept bulk orders for bento or lunch boxes, or any other order which are available for pick-up or deliveries.

Marg’s Kitchen is located on beside the road on the right side of Mt. Carmel Cathedral in Chalan Kanoa. Thye are open from 6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Friday, and until 5 p.m. on Saturday. They are close on Sunday. Cash and food stamps are accepted. For inquiries and reservations please call 234-3706 or fax 322-4678.
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