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D’ Elegance Café: Your kitchen away from home

HUNGRY early but is not up for cooking breakfast at home? Head out to D’ Elegance Café in Garapan, one of the few destinations that serve breakfasts in the island.
A quick trip to the D’ Elegance Café yesterday with my housemate spared us the effort of cooking and washing the dishes and cleaning up after. Where else can you have a serving of fried chicken, fried fish and ginataang langka or jackfruit with coconut cream, two servings of rice, soups and two glasses of soda for $10.50?

In times that you crave for authentic Filipino breakfast, D’ Elegance Café is an ideal destination at budget-friendly prices. It’s where for $3.75, you can have lunch or dinner with a choice from the wide selection of Filipino dishes plus a generous serving of rice, or $5.50 for two choices—all kept hot and ready to serve so you don’t have wait forever for your orders.
A selection of Filipino breakfast sets of garlic rice or sinangag and fried eggs are paired with variations of Tapsilog or cured beef, Tocilog or cured pork meat, Longsilog or Filipino sausage, Spamsilog or spam, Shangsilog or Spring roll, and Daingsilog or with fried milkfish, all for $5.50 to $5.75 per order.

You can also try the special orders like kalderetang kambing or goat meat, crispy pata or pork hock, bulalo or beef shank, pork chop, Salisbury steak and chicken chaser are all below the $10 price range. If you are not that hungry, you can check out the selection of sandwiches like ham, egg, hamburger, clubhouse, French fries, and more; and short orders such as Goto, Shanghai spring rolls, pancit bihon, palabok, spaghetti and soba, or just go for barbeque pork or chicken at $1 each. For picnics or larger groups, go for a whole roast chicken for $8. Pork lechon is available for dinner time on Thursdays.
D’ Elegance Café also serves a variety of Filipino popular desserts including halo-halo and pearl shake, and native favorites like biko or rice cake with caramel topping, sapin-sapin or a layered glutinous rice and coconut dessert, and maja blanca.
D’ Elegance Café with its immaculate green-and-white motif with huge mirrors on all walls, spacious tables and comfortably padded benches provides diners a homey ambiance that makes one want to linger over breakfast, dinner, lunch or merienda time.

The cafeteria-like setting at D’ Elegance Café where you get your own tray, fetch your own drinking water and take your tray to your table an air of comfort that makes you feel like you are dining at your home, except that you don’t wash your plates there.
Unlike the majority of restaurants in the island that only serve lunch and dinner at limited number of hours daily, D’ Elegance Café opens from 7 a.m. and all the way to 9 p.m. every day—a big advantage for diners who don’t eat on time. This means you can order whatever you feel like eating the whole day through.
Credit cards are accepted. For reservations or inquiries, please call 234-9227.
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