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Cocktails, seafood and sunsets at the Seaside Grill

IF you are looking for a place to relax after a long day, enjoy dinner or cocktails and get a view of the most spectacular display of sunset over a fiery horizon, there’s only one place to be and this is at the Seaside Grill at the Pacific Islands Club in San Antonio.
Time and again in the past four years, I had the pleasure of enjoying pleasant conversations over drinks with my favorite appetizers such as fresh lumpia, fried chicken wings and fresh sashimi slices at the Seaside Grill. If you are not that hungry, you can even order a drink and just nibble on Pretzels.

The food is good—although I must admit that I always spent more time taking photos of the sunset than paying attention to what I was eating and drinking. The gorgeous play of sunset in the sky is just too spectacular to ignore, yours to watch for free without fences and borders to hinder your view.
You have choices on where to spend a leisurely meal or cocktails at the PIC Seaside Grill—inside the cozy bar where you can watch television, on the tables just outside the bar where you get a view of the lazy river and the ocean, or at the beachside tables where you can gaze into the endless stretch of water and breathe in the salty breeze from the sea. I always chose the latter because you can go on enjoying your meal long after the sun has disappeared, this time under the stars.
The pleasant sounds from the waves and the gurgling water from the Lazy River always add to the romantic ambiance of the place.

The Seaside Grill at PIC serves Pacific Rim dishes— a fusion of fresh local ingredients with cooking styles and techniques from around the Pacific. This is where you can order mouthwatering fresh seafood like Maine lobsters and succulent steaks and more, all at budget friendly prices.
Oleai Beach Bar & Grill in Susupe used to be my ideal destination where a diner gets closest to the sea. In fact, one only has to go down the wade in the warm waters but since it closed, the choice for beachside dining is turned toward the bars at the different hotels.
The next time you thirst for your favorite wine or beer, or cocktails and you crave for the best seafood dishes, head straight to the Seaside Grill and claim your bonus of an amazing sunset.
Enjoy discounted rates of sumptuous tapas and cocktails daily during happy hours from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. The Pacific Rim fare dinner at the Seaside Grill starts from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. every day. Credit cards are accepted.
For reservations, please call PIC 234-7976 or 237-5170.
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