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Hafa Adai Deli: Fastfood within your budget

IF you are hungry but is challenged by time and budget, here is one destination that you should definitely check out in Garapan—the Hafa Adai Deli Bakery.

Conveniently located beside the Joeten Hafa Adai shopping center in Garapan, the Hafa Adai Deli Bakery is your most convienient stop for quick or a leisurely breakfast, lunch or dinner, and your place to pick up sandwiches and other favorites to eat on the go.
I pushed open the doors of Hafa Adai Deli on Saturday afternoon with a buddy and inspected the mouthwatering displays of food on the shelves and it didn’t take us long to make choices.
My buddy ordered longanisa and banana barbeque for dessert. Having skipped dinner the night before and breakfast, I decided to go for a serving of rice, fish with vegetables soup and chicken teriyaki.
Eating at the Joeten Hafa Adai Deli is like eating at your school or work cafeteria where you get to share tables and rub elbows with other people. You just select what you want to eat from the shelves and presto, you can have a meal with three choices for $5.50.
Hafa Adai Deli’s shelves does not carry anything fancy—just food items that most of us are familiar with like crunchy slices of fried or grilled chicken, fried corned beef with onion rings, fried bacon, fish soup, sweet and sour pork, sunny side up, toast, whole fried chicken for bigger groups, and other popular dishes.
You also don’t have to wait after placing orders because the food is right there kept hot and waiting for you.
Hafa Adai Deli also carries Japanese delicacies like suhi, sashimi, udon, and bento, soba and somen nooddles and other favorites.
For an individual with sweet tooth, your knees will grow weak with the wide array of temptations on the shelves as soon as you open the door.
After your meal, your choice for desserts is endless. Inside the shelves are the most tempting cakes, cookies, cupcakes and muffins of various flavors, pastries, turnovers, buns, and other irresistible goodies.
A selection of sandwiches like tuna, bacon, egg, bologna, ham, cheese, salami, cheeseburger, omelette, hotdogs and others are available all day—all within the $2.25 to $5.75 bracket.
Cap your meals with beverages like soda, ice coffee or tea, fruit juices or bottled water.
If you are not planning on a heavy meal, check out Hafa Adai Deli’s assorted coco/fruits/green salad menu. Try the Macaroni or Chamorro salad, green salad, coleslaw, potato or fruit salad—all from $1.25 to $2.50 per serving.
For those who cannot resist the icecream temptation, Hafa Adai Deli has assorted flavors you cannot say no to. Satisfy your craving with one scoop of your favorite icecream for $1.75, or go for a double scoop in a cone for $3.40. Ice cream cake is also available from $39.95 to $59.95 depending on the size which varies from 9×12 inches to 12×16 inches.
Hafa Adai Deli Bakery offers free WiFi so you can munch on a cookie or sip a cup of coffee as you pass time browsing through the internet. Hafa Adai Deli is open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. everyday.  Credit cards are accepted. For inquiries or reservations, please call 233-6406.
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