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Gollai Appan Katnen: Saipan’s newest local dish

HERE is the island’s latest addition to the growing list of locally created Chamorro dishes—the Gollai Appan Katnen or vegetable beef stew created by the Marianas Resort & Spa’s culinary team.
Using Certified Angus Beef chuck roll, this recipe which was presented in little brown pots and simmered over slow fire got the judges nod at the Taste of the Marianas 2012 Certified Angus Beef Chef’s Competition held at the rear stage of the festival grounds near the Bell Tower on Saturday night.
A dramatic backdrop of green plants, coconut leaves and a flowing coconut juice fountain in a bamboo stall lit by candles floating in halved coconuts added to the charm of the presentation of this new recipe which everybody will soon have a chance to try.
Marianas Resort & Spa executive chef Willian Retardo said that their winning recipe is made up of beef chuck roll, coconut pulp, coconut milk, fresh mango, taro potato, winged beans, snow peas, okra, bay leaves, onion, red wine, salt and pepper to taste.
“One secret ingredient here is that we use locally made salt,” Retardo said.
After the winners were announced, I managed to grab a couple of spoonfuls of the Gollai Appan Katnen amid the crowd that flocked to the stalls for a taste of the sumptous recipes prepared by the participating chefs.
The beef slices were tender and chewy with a little bit of sweet and creamy taste, a yummy blend of all the ingredients skillfully thrown in together.
Retardo said that beginning today, Gollai Apan Katnen will be available at the Marianas Resort & Spa restaurants for dinner, and during the lunch buffet on Sunday.
“We are inviting everyone to come and try this new dish made of Certified Angus Beef and mixed with local ingredients,” Retardo said.
Retardo was asissted by assistant chefs Edgardo Malabayabas, Emmanuel Pancha, Raymond Palacios and Greg Magofna.
The winning recipe won Marianas Resort & Spa the grand prize of $500 Certified Angus Beef gift package.
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