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Airi Cafe: Your Hafa Adai coffee stop

SCOURING for a quick coffee stop brought me and buddy Alexie to this coffee shop at the lobby of Hafa Adai Beach Hotel in Garapan last Wednesday afternoon.
We were both trying to melt giant mental blocks and decided to try out the Airi Café Lounge. We went straight to a table outside the café facing the swimming pool and ordered coffee—a steaming mug for her and a tall iced glass of coffee for me. As soon as we gave our orders, we went around the place capturing the birds and the flowers on camera—one of the best ways to spend time while waiting.
Our orders came pretty quick. I took a long swig from my iced glass and was unprepared for the shock. It looked like iced tea but it was a really strong cold coffee—the brew that will make your elbows and knees grow weak after a few minutes of downing a cupful.
We decided to try out some of the tempting-looking cakes and desserts on the shelf just beside the café entrance. You can choose between roll cakes, chocolate mousse, short cakes and others. Lexi went for a slice of cheesecake but I already knew what I wanted to try without going back to the shelves—a slice of tempting green tea cake.
It took ages before we were finally done taking photos of the coffee and the cake (out of habit) and before we were finally able to take yummy bites. I don’t go for sweets and desserts much and I very rarely finish one slice of anything—just a spoonful or a bite and that’s it, but the green tea cake was delicious.
It was not too sweet, either and I finished it real quick. Not my coffee though. I did not get over my initial shock but Lexi ask for a refill. Instead of paying $3 for our coffee and $3.50 for the cake slices, the staffers said they adjusted the price for us to avail of the $6 cake set which is available from 10 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. every day.
Airi Café Lounge also serves a Variety Set of bread, ham and vegetable, omelet, soup, salad and fruit cocktail for $9 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., or sandwich choices like Club, Ham, Tuna and Tuna Melt sandwich for $7. If you want something heavier, they also serve beef curry set for $7. All menu comes with your choice of coffee, tea, orange juice or grapefruit.
If you just want to spend the time with your favorite drink, they have beer, cocktail and mix drinks, and shave ice with various flavors.
Airi Café Lounge is not your ideal place if you want a private, quiet, leisurely coffee time. Tourists and visitors come and go the whole day through, and you could hear the splashes and laughter from the pool. The Café is best though for a quick coffee stop or an informal get-together.
A group of tourists came in and occupied the table next to us, everyone talking all at once as though they haven’t seen each other for a long time. It was not hard to imagine being in a nightclub but in broad daylight. We decided to finish our coffee time and left for the office. It was deadline time.
Airi Café Lounge is open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day. All major credit cards are welcome. For reservations, please call 233-3884.
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