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Coffee trails to Java Joe’s

FOLLOW the delectable aroma of a cup of delicious coffee and the trail will lead you to this coffee shop in Dandan which is a favorite of many—Java Joe’s.
When I hear the words ‘Java Joe’s’ what comes to mind immediately is the vision of a steaming mug of freshly brewed coffee, but hot or iced—sweeten to your taste, Java Joe’s has it
Alexi and I were struggling with another bout of ‘mental block’ routine one afternoon when we decided to drive all the way from Garapan to Dandan for a cup of Java—something we never did before because of the distance and the time constraints in our schedule.
The heavenly aroma wafting in the air greeted our nostrils when we pushed open the glass doors, leading us to the counter where we had a hard time choosing which flavor to try.
The bright colored lights illuminating the menu above the counter and the huge images depicting cups of tempting coffee, tall cool glasses of pearl shakes and sumptuous cookies and pastries made the trip worthwhile.
I ordered a cup of Almond Roca Mocha from the menu—a heavenly concoction of espresso, steamed milk, almond roca and whipped cream. Lexi ordered a Caramel latte—a tall irresistible cup of espresso, real gourmet caramel and steamed milk. We had to take our coffee ‘to go’ though because it was past deadline time. I pretended to be blind and did not see the counter where tempting muffins, chocolate chip cookies, pastries bagels, turnovers, and other sweets sit innocently inside the warm racks.
The spacious and airy ambiance with comfortable tables and chairs attracts regular crowd every day. Java Joe’s is a coffee shop where friends meet, business plans are hatched, political issues are discussed, new friends are made, and friend hangout to catch up on the latest happenings over cups of your favorite beverages and snacks, and yes, free Wi-Fi.
On sunny days or when you want something other than coffee, Java Joe’s wide selection of refreshing pearl shakes, Mochacinos and smoothies are great refreshers. Try the almond or almond roca pearl shakes, hazelnut, choco macadamia nut, vanilla, white chocolate, peach, kiwi, Irish cream and more. Go from regular for $4.25, large at $4.75 or go for a tall glass at $5.25. Sip on a large glass of smoothies using fruits in season and other all-time favorites from $4.50 for a regular glass to $6 for a tall one.
Java Joe’s makes your stop worthwhile. If you’re hungry, they also serve burgers with barbeque-flavored French fries, soba with ham and egg, chicken nuggets, nachos, chicken asado or pork siopao, or spicy chicken wings which I would have loved to try but didn’t have the luxury of time to stay for long.
For early risers, Java Joe’s serves breakfast sandwich— toasted English muffin with scrambled egg, cheese and your choice of ham or bacon, grilled cheese and grilled ham and cheese.
Situated right next to Ever Clean Laundry across from Joeten Store in Dandan, Java Joe’s is one place you can hang out while waiting for your laundry or just to while the time away.
Java Joe’s is open from 6:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day. Major cards are accepted. For inquiries and reservations, please call 235-5098.
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