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Leisurely Sunday buffet at the Mariana Resort

MY plan to indulge in a leisurely Sunday buffet at the Mariana Resort & Spa had remained a plan for already a year or so, until I finally convinced a buddy that the right time was yesterday.
All tables were already on reserve or filled when we arrived at a quarter to 12 noon, or 45 minutes after the buffet opened. We had no choice but occupy a table by the poolside, a desirable choice on other situations but not when you are too far from the buffet tables.
Entering the buffet section will make you confused where to start first. It is where everything is fresh and hot with food staffers scurrying around refilling empty trays. Everything seemed to smell and taste good and I was not hungry yet.
After a brief inspection, my buddy and I started at the salad bar and got a share of fresh greens with various dressings, then moved on to the sushi section for a selection of Japanese favorites. From then on, we moved around taking ‘one of this and one of that’ until we decided we have what we can consume. You can make as many trips to the buffet table as you want, or when you decide to get something later.
A wide selection of cheeses and breads is available. A cheese fondue tower temptingly stands on one corner where you can dip your chips and toasts in. The hot sandwich section provides you with different kinds of breads and fillings like tuna, egg and mayonnaise, bacon strips, ham, butter, jam, and more. If you like it hot, oven toasters are ready.
Move on to the pasta section for a generous amount of spaghetti and pasta salad, it’s your choice. The main entrees yesterday included crispy fried chicken slices, soup, fried or steamed rice, and succulent slices of roast beef.
The dessert section carries a selection of delectable temptations like cheesecake and tiramisu, and an assortment of fresh fruit. A can’t-be-ignored chocolate fountain makes anyone’s resistance who comes near the dessert station weak.
Stop by the beverage section that provides a bottomless supply of iced or hot tea and coffee.
The cool breeze from the ocean, the soulful strains of music and our full stomachs made us so drowsy that it required an immense effort to get us up from our comfortable perch at the poolside.
The downside of dining at Mariana Resort & Spa is the distance which requires you to drive all the way to Marpi and by the time you drive back to Garapan or where you live, you would be hungry again but the $12 buffet is worth the trip. It’s $15 for tourists.
If you plan to have leisurely lunch next Sunday, you can call ahead for reservations so you wouldn’t have to lug all your food to the outside tables and make more trips to get more food.
I didn’t expect the crowd that came in yesterday that included tourists and locals. We were almost through with our lunch but more people were still coming in. It just showed that the distance is not a hindrance for people to flock where good food is.
Mariana Resort & Spa Sunday buffet is open from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. All major credit cards are accepted. For inquiries or reservations, please cal 322-0770.
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