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Kee Sandwich To Go: 24/7 food station in Garapan

IF the urge to bite into a juicy cheeseburger or a real breakfast hits you at the most ungodly hours of the night or day strikes, you have one more option to go to when in Garapan.
Set your hunger-compass to this 24-hour sandwich station—located at the ground floor of Micro Beach Hotel across from the Hyatt Regency in Garapan.
Cheerful food staffers recommended the regular cheeseburger when I stopped by past midnight at the Kee Sandwich To Go on Saturday evening and asked what the bestseller was. The food staffers said that if I am all for anything ‘spicy’, I should try the Chamorro cheeseburger. I was drowsy and hungry and grumpy and in no condition to go into aerobatics, which can be expected if I ate anything too spicy.

I discovered two things while for waiting for my order at the Kee Sandwich To Go—first, waiting is never boring because you can browse at the shelves of souvenir items to while the time away, and two—they don’t live up to their name of ‘Sandwich To Go’. You can eat your food on the spacious fastfood area inside, or use the tables lined outside the fastfood and enjoy the fresh air outdoors.
Before I was halfway down the shelves, the food staffers announced that my cheeseburger set was ready.
There was nothing heart-stopping about the cheeseburger, or the finger-size golden French fries, or the slices of ripe tomatoes and greens on the plate. We’ve all encountered cheeseburgers before at one time or another. My system was screaming “surprise me!” when I picked up my knife and sliced off a bite-size portion to take my first bite.
That first bite led into another and yet another before I realized that the food staffer did not meant it when she said I have to try their cheeseburger to see what makes it special. The beef patty was crisp yet juicy and the cheese melts into it on each bite. Contrary to what you’re thinking, I did not finish the set but requested to take it home where I could eat it at my own pace and relish each bite in total comfort.
For $6, the cheeseburger set packs a punch. Since it opened over a year ago, Kee Sandwich To Go has become a favorite and convenient hangout of locals and tourists especially in the ungodly hours of the night.
Kee Sandwich To Go does not stick to conventions. Breakfast is served 24 hours a day- an advantage for those who don’t keep ‘normal’ hours. Check out the breakfast choices such as Chamorro cheese sandwich, sausage and eggs, ramen, Calzoni pizza, sausage pizza, fried rice and omelette. The menu has expanded too to include short orders for American favorites, Vietnamese dishes, must-not-say-no-to desserts and refreshments such as shave ice, ice cream scoops, halo-halo and pearl shakes.
If you’re not hungry (yet) Kee Sandwich To Go serves all time favorite beverages. Coffee—hot or iced, chocolate, juices, soda, beer, and even tuba or coconut wine is available. All food items are below the $8 bracket.
Visit Kee Sandwich To Go across from Hyatt Regency Saipan. Credit cards are accepted. To order or for more information, call 233-1388, 233-1378 or 68.
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