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Of steaks and bottomless wines at the Costa

DO you want it raw, medium, medium rare, or well done? Have you experienced closing your eyes and getting lost in the wonderful flavors of succulent slices of steak dipped in a special sauce? You don’t have to go far to experience it.
At the Costa Restaurant at the Aqua Resort Club, you can have your steak and eat it too—just the way you want it.
The sizzling sounds of the juices dribbling into the fire and the mouth-watering aroma emanating from the grills as expert chefs flip over juicy pieces of 7-oz steaks is a common sight at the at the Costa Restaurant of the Aqua Resort Club on Saturday nights—the special night of the week when everybody heads out to the place for a taste of the island’s best Certified Angus Beef Rib Eye steak.
Aqua Resort Club overall restaurant manager Rom Manzon said that since July last year, the Steak Dinner Buffet on Saturday nights had been a regular hit with locals and tourists alike.
“Give your Saturday nights a whole new delightful meaning by digging into our eat-all-you-can and drink-all-you-can buffet highlighting our special rib eye steak,” Manzon said.
Always a fan of well done or overcooked steak, I dared to try a medium rare steak on Saturday night while my two buddies went for medium.
While waiting for our steak, we roamed around the huge restaurant, too confused what to pick up and where to start. Everything looked and smelled heavenly. Picking up a plate, I scooped a ladle of mashed potatoes and some slices of beef mechado before going back to the table.
Minutes later, our steak was delivered to our table—two orders of medium rare, and one medium steak. Picking up a fork and knife, I sliced off one end of one bite-size portion and took my first small bite starting at the reddish pink center of my steak. It was perfect, with the flavors blending all the way into the tender meat.
The special pepper corn sauce Aqua Resort specifically made for the steak added more to the flavors. A glass of Robert Mondavi wine complemented the steak perfectly.
To pair off with your steak, Aqua Resort Club has teamed up with Pacific Wines and Spirits who provides bottomless red and white Robert Mondavi wines, or beer. If you want more, it is not a problem. You can order as many steaks as you can eat, and drink as much wine or beer as you can take.
Check out the appetizers which varies from time to time, the salad bar which boasts of the restaurant’s famous Caesar Salad, the main dishes, the coffee station, the beverage station where you can have juices and soda, the must-stop-over dessert section which displays sumptuous cakes, leche flan, pies and other irresistible desserts, and the special wine section where you can have glasses of ice-cold Robert Mondavi wines and beers.
The all-you-can eat and all-you can drink Steak Dinner Buffet at the Costa Restaurant is only $24 per person for locals which is 20 percent off the regular rate.
Costa Restaurant’s huge glass windows provide diners with a fantastic view of the pool, colorful flowers and lush greenery, vast blue skies and the ocean beyond.
Costa Restaurant can accommodate up to a hundred individuals. All major credit cards are accepted.
On Saturday nights, make the Costa Restaurant your destination from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. for all the steak and wine you want.
For inquiries, please call 322 -1234, reservation direct line 322-1222 or email info@aquaresortsaipan.com.
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