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LinDeXuan: Bringing you a taste of authentic Chinese cuisine

MY quest for a place to eat on Friday noon brought me and two buddies to this newly opened restaurant at Middle Road
The place was easy to find, with multi-colored ribbons hanging outside to announce its opening.
We decided to stick to the familiar and opted for the Lin De Xuan executive plates, or rice plates. Browsing the typewritten menu briefly, I settled for a plate of beef with broccoli with rice while my buddies ordered the soy stewed fish with brown sauce rice, and a serving of beef fried rice.
A cheerful food staffer served us two small plates of appetizers—strips of sweet, sour and spicy vegetables and seafood as we waited for our orders. Our food arrived very soon and we dug into it, as we missed breakfast.
For $4, the rice plates were more than enough to fill a hungry stomach. I finished only half of my food and passed it on to my buddies.
There is nothing earthshaking about the menu or the recipes but the food is good and the prices very affordable, mostly below $10 while the house specialties are at $8 to $15.
Lin De Xuan is one ideal hangout for a leisurely meal. You don’t have to hurry for a last order at 2 p.m. or wait when they open for dinner because they open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. straight.
A pleasant dining place with Chinese lanterns and frames on the walls, and a huge TV screen mounted on the wall right at the center of a giant carved frame.

Lin De Xuan’s house favorites are spicy chicken, spicy fish, pot stickers, beef stuffed cookies and sweet and crispy cookies.

Try out the wide selection of noodle and wonton soup with a variety of flavors to suit the different preferences of diners
Venture into the tastes and flavors of northern China with a selection of boiled or pan fried dumplings where for $6 to $8, you can have a feast with 20 pieces of dumplings stuffed with pork, chicken, fish, shrimp, beef paired with a mix of your favorite vegetables.
Move on to the pan fried stuffed with beef onion or the LinDeXuan Pie for $6 and serves four, the Chinese pie which is only $.60 cents per piece, or the pie stuffed with pork, leeks and fried shrimps. Try out the  northern China noodle soup section, cold dishes like mixed cold shredded potatoes, shredded radish sweet and sour, celery mix, cold jelly fish and cabbage and Wui Cai Lai Pi or a mix of pork, carrots, egg, and cucumber.
LinDeXuan’s main dishes vary from the spicy meat choices of pork, chicken, beef, fish, to vegetable dishes, seafood favorites, and more.
Mom and daughter team Alice and Ellen said that they opened LinDeXuan Restaurant on December to bring authentic Chinese cuisine to the island.
LinDeXuan Restaurant is located at the Horizon Building beside 99 cents store and across from Miha Housing in Middle Road, Garapan.
The Restaurant can seat up to 50 individuals with three semi-private rooms to hold meetings or small get-togethers. They are open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Only cash is accepted for now.
For reservations, please call 233-6666.
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