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Sweet bites at Buttercups

A CUPCAKE is a cupcake is a cupcake. Or so you think, until you take a bite of the velvety softness of a crazy carrot cupcake with sweet cream cheese frosting topped with pecans or a red carpet velvet cupcake from Buttercups.

Follow your nose and your sweet cravings and you’ll end up at this quaint sweet shop located at the ground floor of Bencam Building in Garapan.

Push open the glass doors, pause for a moment and take a long sniff of the glorious aroma emanating through the cup-cake shaped peepholes at the door to the kitchen before proceeding to the shelves where the most glorious array of cupcakes await anyone.


Buttercups opened its doors to share with sweet lovers the best in cupcakes, cookies and cakes this island has to offer just last August 9.

At $1.75 each, get lost in the bliss of biting into a French toast cupcake with maple butter-cream frosting topped with bits of bacon (yes, bacon!), double mint chocolate cupcake which is mint chocolate ganache and mint butter cream topped with chocolate chips, or the apple caramel drizzle cupcake which is made of light caramel drizzle dopped with pecans.

For samplers, you can start with the mini cupcakes at $1 a piece to decide which you want best before settling for a real feast.

For more treat, go for the filled cupcakes where for $2.50 each, you get more sweet surprises with the delightful fillings. Try the Black Forest cupcake and delight in the filling of sweet cherries with a vanilla cream frosting. Savor the dreamy filling of vanilla-Oreo cream topped with an Oreao cookie with the Cookies n Cream cupcake, or the strawberry butter-cream, topped with fresh strawberries when you order a Chocolate-Strawberry cupcake.

Sweet lovers at Buttercups can enjoy the comfortable revolving stool bars and round tables in front of the shelves and watch TV or simply indulge in your sweet weakness. A wall filled with transparent jars displaying cookies of various shapes and flavors is enough to tempt a saint.

Natural sunlight pouring through huge glass windows in the late afternoon adds to the cozy ambiance of the place.

The regular cupcakes can be ordered or bought at $18 a dozen, or $25 a dozen for the filled cupcakes. Buttercups also bakes special cake orders for special occasions or no-occasion occasions using your favorite flavors.

Norisa Camacho who runs the place finished her studies at the Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts Las Vegas.

“I learned a lot at Cordon Bleu but I decided to concentrate on cupcakes and satisfy the sweet cravings of the people here first,” she told the Variety.

Filled cupcakes are not available in mini-cakes. Camacho said that orders can be placed at least 24 hours before pick-up. The Bencam Building is located behind Mobil Gas station at Middle Road Garapan.

Buttercups is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day. Only cash is accepted for now. For inquiries/reservations, please call 989-7010 or email buttercups_cupcake_2011@yahoo.com.

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