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Irresistible temptations at Sweet Escape

A TEXT message from a friend on Friday night directed me to this newly opened cove which is Saipan’s newest destination for people with a sweet tooth.

Saturday afternoon saw me and a buddy heading our way toward the white imposing Chamorro House in Garapan looking for this particular food stop named Sweet Escape. We were about to give up when we spotted the small sign above a wrought iron gate almost hidden by tall shrubs on the ground floor of the building. Picking our way in the grassy area instead of using the paved pathway, we reached a somewhat deserted but very beautiful patio with wrought iron chairs and tables.

We located the front door on the side of the building and pushed open the door to discover a quaint shop decorated with attractive coffee cups on the shelves, dried twigs and tree branches, and small picture frames  of coffee on the walls.

I decided to have a go for a glass of iced coffee, and a caramel cupcake to go with it. Not a coffee drinker, my buddy opted for the $3 ice cup combo — a mouthwatering scoop of vanilla ice cream served with the cupcake of the day which was the same as mine.

Not a sweet-toothed individual, I had qualms about the cupcake but when I took my first bite, I changed my mind. The caramel cupcake, topped with cream and strips caramel was a delight — fluffy on the inside and crispy on the edges. I easily finished my cupcake, but had to take home the strawberry cupcake for later.

Sweet Escape offers specialty cupcakes at $1.50 each or $15 a dozen. Take your pick from the various tempting choices of flavors you simply can’t resist —Chillin’ Choco Chip, Chocomallow heaven, Cruzin Karamelu, German Chocolate Euphoria, Go Nuts n Bananas, Lemony Meringue Getaway, Maple Pound Paradise, Peanut Butter Choco Bliss, Red Velvet Dream, Simple & Sweet, Snickerdoodle Serenity, and Strawberry Eutopia.

For desserts, you can go for an ice cream sundae, traditional root beer float, caramel apples, and scoops of Dreyers ice cream with various toppings.

For beverages, you can try the fruit smoothie, hot coffee, and assorted soft drinks.

Sweet Escape’s unique feature is its charming wall decorations, a plush sofa where you can recline, comfortable chairs, a chessboard to while the time, glimpses of flowers and the lush greenery outside. You can also take your coffee and cupcakes at the patio outside and enjoy the fresh air, or at the tables ensconced near the walled gardens for more privacy.

The afternoon light streaming in through the huge picture windows providing a romantic and cozy atmosphere inside the shop — a photographer’s dream.

Behind Sweet Escape’s irresistible temptations are sisters Jessica Sonoda and Erica Thornburg who decided to create a haven for sweets and cupcake lovers.

“We want to specialize in something unique for our clients that we too love and what else than cupcakes,” Jessica said. She said her family had been in the restaurant business decades ago and used to run the now defunct Chamorro Restaurant in Garapan.

Sweet Escape caters to cupcake orders for all occasions. Orders must be made at least 24 hours in advance.

Free wi-fi is available. Sweet Escape is open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day. Only cash is accepted for now. For orders, reservations and inquiries, visit Sweet Escape on the ground floor of the Chamorro House near Kristo Rai Church in Garapan, email sweetescape670@gmail.com or call 233-3657.

(Article first published Irresistible temptations at Sweet Escape)

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