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When the going gets tough, get the coffee going

Kafe Macadamia nut latte and Caramel Moccha latte


Mental blocks, those huge boulders that prevent your fingers from hitting the keyboards when deadlines are pressing in, does not choose a time and place to attack. Yesterday was no exception. Doodling on pieces of paper or browsing the internet for nothing in particular did not prove any help at all, until coffee buddy Alexie arrived and told me we just can’t start writing without the elixir of the gods.

Who am I to refuse or question her beliefs? So off we sneaked out and drove to the second floor parking of the Hard Rock Café, rode the elevator one floor down and sought refuge from the cool confines and oh the glorious smell from Kafé Pacifica at one corner of the Duty Free Shopping in Garapan.

I ordered the tall Caramel Mocha latte for me, and tall Macadamia nut latte for Alexie. We browsed by turns through a copy of the Economic Forecast but I lost interest. I wouldn’t want to interrupt the bliss my coffee gave me with thoughts about the economy (which as expected turned out as gloomy as can be by the way).

Too much in a hurry to wait, I took that first giant sip, glorified in the delicious froth and burned my tongue. Talk about impatience! Here’s our coffee, cheers to all coffee lovers!

Parting shots:

When the going gets tough, get the coffee going.


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