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Rendezvous at the Sango Restaurant

IF there is one dining place that gives you the feeling of being away from it all and nothing else matters but the food, it’s Sango Restaurant at the Coral Ocean Point Resort in Koblerville.

 Usually considered a very “out of the way” dining joint, Sango Restaurant makes up for the distance one has to drive. The ambiance alone  makes it worth your while.

I and two buddies tried the restaurant out on Friday.

It was almost 2 p.m. and the lunch crowd had gone, except for a couple and a group of golfers at two of the tables.

Briefly browsing through the menu, I selected the grilled mackerel set while my companions went for the daily bento set with salad and miso soup, and the tempura set. The friendly wait staff member delivered tall glasses of iced tea topped with ice cubes and our orders came in no time.

My mackerel was perfectly grilled, all tender and juicy and it took much willpower to resist the urge to drop my chopsticks and eat the fish with my hands.

Sango Restaurant with its clear glass windows offers diners a spectacular view of the green golf courses, lush vegetation, blue skies and sea and Tinian in the backdrop. A separate Tatami section is available for guests and other diners.

Sango Restaurant offers a wide selection of rice dishes like beef bowl, yakiniku, tempura, party bowl and daily bento, a selection of curry dishes, steak sets, beef stew and sirloin sets, a variety of noodles, pasta, pizza, and sandwiches that comes with French fries, and a long list of side orders.

You can also try the dinner time specials at Sango Restaurant for a minimum of two persons. Try the sukiyaki course, shabu-shabu course or the miso nabe course at $35.

Enjoy your happy hours with a bucket of your favorite beverages like Budweiser and Carlsberg while watching a fabulous view of the setting sun.
Happy hours come with mini bar of chasers all evening at $10 for local residents and $15 for tourists. You can also avail of a 50 percent discount on all drinks Thursdays and Fridays from 4-7 p.m.

Special promotions

Sango Restaurant is now offering lunch buffet for $8 for locals, $10 for tourists and $5 for children 11 years old and below. Satiate your craving for seafood dishes on Mondays, Filipino dishes on Tuesdays, international dishes on Wednesdays, Japanese dishes on Thursdays and Chamorro dishes on Fridays from 11 am to 2 pm.

On Sundays, enjoy a Sunday brunch which costs only $2.50 or $5 with water pass for kids 3 years old and below, $12 or $15 with water pass for 4-12 years old, and $15 or 20 with water pass for 13 years old and above, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

All major credit cards are accepted. For more information, contact 234-7000 extensions 650 or 651.

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