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J’s Restaurants: Destination for midnight meals

HUNGER pangs that strike midnight or in the early morning hours is always an unpleasant thing especially if one is not in the mood to cook. Everybody knows most of the island’s restaurants close at 11 p.m. at the latest, except for a very few establishments in Garapan and Susupe.

We have all but turned Saipan, Tinian and Rota inside out searching for the best places to eat and have successfully guided our readers where to eat their favorite foods for the past year or so, but when the hunger pangs strike at midnight, we are always left at a loss.

Trying to overtake the obvious signs of a looming hangover on Saturday night, I longed to sip a bowl of hot soup and vegetables, something hot that is not a member of the noodles family so I headed to the only 24-hour restaurant at Gualo Rai Middle Road with a buddy.

It was past midnight and only a couple of tables were occupied. Honestly we hesitated going to J’s Restaurant in the first place because of its reputation of “if you want to eat now, order your food yesterday” so we were kind of preparing for a long wait but on the contrary, our order was served very shortly.

The cheerful food staffer placed a huge steaming bowl of Bulalo or beef bone marrow stew, smaller bowls, two servings of rice, and tall glasses of iced tea.

Wasting no time, I ladled a generous serving of bulalo into our bowls and gloried in the taste of the beef bone marrow that blended well with the fresh vegetables, only talking again after I was full.

J’s Restaurant & Game Room, one of the oldest restaurants in the island boasts of a wide selection of authentic Filipino favorites including beef caldereta or beef stew, lechon kawali or pan-roasted pork, crispy pata or deep fried pig knuckles served with a soy-vinegar dip, daing na bangus or marinated milkfish, lumpiang shanghai, marinated beef tapa, chicken or prawns chop suey, pork or prawns sinigang, chicken tinola or Kadun Manuk, and beef nilaga or boiled beef with vegetables.

If you haven’t dined at J’s Restaurant before, it’s time for you to take a bite of their juicy slices of deep fried chicken or teriyaki chicken dinner, chicken adobo or chicken bell pepper, or indulge in the wide selection of sumptuous sea foods and steaks.

You can also go for the house special which is J’s fried rice or garlic rice served with two eggs prepared in any style you want. Explore the “Eggs and things” section of the menu for a hundred and one variations like bacon and egg, ham and eggs and more—each served with your choice of plain rice, hash brown, pancake or toast, or go for the mouthwatering omelets and side orders, hearty sandwiches and choices from the hamburger stand, noodles, soups, salads and chasers.

Diet conscious individuals have a place at J’s Restaurant because they also serve a variety of vegetable dishes designed for the calorie watchers.

J’s Restaurant at the Middle Road provides a spacious and quiet atmosphere for those who just want to surf the internet over a cup of coffee or their favorite beverage, watch TV or just get together with friends and family anytime of the day or night.

J’s Restaurant’s other outlet at San Jose Beach Road is also open round the clock and provides the same comfortable ambiance which a lot of nocturnal beings have made as their regular hangout.

Food prices at J’s Restaurant are mostly within the $12 and below range. All major credit cards accepted.

For reservations and special orders, please call the Gualo Rai, Middle Road outlet at 235-8640 or Beach Road San Jose outlet at 234-6420.

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